A Dull Summer Day

“What a dull summer day!” complained Arrow, waking up and seeing that it was gray and dull looking.
“It has been raining all morning,” said Cutie, his sister.
“Oh,” said Arrow. “It is no wonder that it is dull outside. I am bored. Can we do something today?”
“Like what?” asked Cutie. “I was having a nap until you woke me up.”
“I am bored,” said Arrow. “I don’t want to get into trouble. I want to do something to keep me occupied.”
“We do know that you not getting into trouble might be difficult,” laughed Cutie. “You have been getting into all kinds of trouble lately.”
“It really isn’t my fault that I get into so much trouble,” said Arrow.
“It is you that decides to chase your tail, jump up onto the furniture and knock stuff over,” said Cutie.
“I saw you do the same thing,” said Arrow.
“You seem to do these things when everyone is watching you,” said Cutie. “That is why you get into so much trouble.”
“Oh look,” said Arrow. “The sun is coming out. I am going for a nap.”
“I thought you wanted to do something,” said Cutie.
“I did,” said Arrow. “That was before the sun came out. It isn’t a dull summer day anymore.”
Cutie just shook her head.
“I’ll never figure him out,” said Cutie.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is hard to figure out brothers sometime.
  • Example: Arrow wanted to do something because it was dull but when the sun came out he wanted to go for a nap.

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