The Acorn Family – Character Insight

Welcome to the Acorn Family – Character Insight page. As part of my Autumn Story Challenge 2017, I said I would create two new characters for it. The first characters I created for this challenge are the Acorn Family.

The Acorn Family consist of Mama Acorn, Papa Acorn and their son, Baby Acorn. The Acorn Family are a very proud family. They live in an old oak tree in Calgary, Alberta.

The Acorn Family are going to continuously fall out of their tree and land on the ground. When they do fall, they can’t get back up and this is because they have no arms. In each story, the Acorn Family will be helped back into the tree by a Storyland website character but not before something happens to them first.

The Acorn Family are very grateful for all the help they receive from the different Storyland characters. They feel it is nice that these characters do help out total strangers. They try to repay the Storyland characters by inviting them to dinner or doing other good deeds. They would never purposefully take advantage of anyone.

I do hope you enjoy the Meet the Acorn Family page and I do hope you enjoy the Acorn Family stories I have written.

What we know about the Acorn Family so far:

  • Created on September 23, 2017.
  • The Acorn Family live in an old oak tree in Calgary, Alberta.
  • They often fall out of their tree and are unable to get back up due to having no arms.
  • After each fall, they are helped back into their tree by a character from the Storyland website. However, something happens to them before they are assisted.
  • The Acorn Family is very grateful for the help they receive and they show their appreciation by inviting their helpers to dinner or performing good deeds in return.
  • They are a proud family who values kindness and would not intentionally take advantage of others.

List of the Acorn Family family members:

  • Mama Acorn – She is the nurturing and caring mother of the family. Mama Acorn takes care of Baby Acorn and supports Papa Acorn. Despite their challenges, she remains positive and appreciative of the help they receive.
  • Papa Acorn – Papa Acorn is the protective father. He ensures the safety of his family and tries to find solutions when they fall out of the tree. His determination and love for his family drive him to seek assistance from the Storyland characters.
  • Baby Acorn – The youngest member of the family, Baby Acorn is full of curiosity and energy. Despite having no arms, Baby Acorn faces each adventure with resilience. The kindness of the Storyland characters leaves a lasting impression on Baby Acorn.


  • The Acorn Family enjoy repaying the kindness shown to them by the Storyland characters.
  • They appreciate the sense of community and the support they receive from others.
  • Living in an old oak tree, they have a love for the natural world around them.
  • Despite the challenges, they embrace the adventures that come with their unique situation.


  • The Acorn Family dislike the inconvenience and potential danger of continuously falling out of their tree.
  • They dislike having to rely on others to get back into their tree due to their lack of arms.
  • Given their gratitude for kindness, they dislike unkindness or rudeness.
  • They would never purposefully take advantage of anyone, indicating a dislike for exploitation.

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