Food Fighters Concert In Calgary, Alberta

“You on your way to Calgary?” asked Christopher Corn. “I am,” said Farmer Fred. “Is everything all set to go here?” “Absolutely,” said Christopher. “While I do wish that I could join my best buddies Dave and Taylor on stage tonight,” said Christopher. “I am here in Loud Garden with the Fresh Veggie Family. I […] Read More

Meet the Acorn Family

Welcome to the Meet the Acorn Family page. As part of my Autumn Story Challenge 2017, I said I would create two new characters for it. The first characters I created for this challenge are the Acorn Family. The Acorn Family consist of Mama Acorn, Papa Acorn and their son, Baby Acorn. The Acorn Family […] Read More

Beatrice Bee Sees Travelin’ Rick Again

Beatrice Bee had a lot of fun traveling around BC and meeting some very interesting Storyland characters. However, because of all the forest fires that are burning and the poor air quality, she felt that she should head back to Calgary, Alberta. As she flew past the Calgary airport, Beatrice thought she saw a familiar […] Read More

Meet Rancher Girl

I have a group of characters, the Canadian family. They are a family of brothers that live in different regions of Canada. I created the character Rancher Girl, to give the Canadian family a female presence. Rancher Girl lives on a ranch outside of Calgary, Alberta. She has a ten year old daughter, Amie. Rancher […] Read More

Meet Angry Baker

Welcome to the Meet Angry Baker page. Angry Baker owns his own fictional bake shop in Calgary, Alberta. It is a very busy bakery and at times, it can be very stressful for him. The reason Angry Baker gets so angry is because of the stress he is under. Despite the fact that he does […] Read More

Mr. Iceman

“It is a wonderful icy day here in Calgary, Alberta,” shouted Mr. Iceman at the top of his lungs. “Oh, how I love the ice!” Mr. Iceman walked along the streets of downtown Calgary. Every step he took, he left an icy footprint behind him. What he didn’t notice were the people behind him slipping […] Read More

Summer Clouds

“Not again,” said Forgetful Fred. “What is the matter?” asked Forgetful Fred’s wife, Sarah, who saw Forgetful Fred looking out the kitchen window. “Summer clouds,” said Forgetful Fred, who was definitely not impressed. “Oh dear,” said Sarah, knowing that a sky full of clouds in Calgary, Alberta, could mean that rain is on its way. […] Read More

Environment Bug’s Heat Wave

Environment Bug was walking the streets of Calgary, Alberta, and he noticed it was extremely cool, damp and rainy this summer. Everyone was complaining about it. “What happened to summer?” Fran, a little girl asked her friend, Kelly. “I don’t know,” said Kelly. “It has done nothing but rain here in Calgary for the last […] Read More

Summer Song

“Billy Troll,” said his wife, Dianne, not hearing any sound coming from Billy’s recording studio. “I sure hope you are working on your new summer song. The Troll Town Summer Gala is only a few days away.” “I am trying,” said Billy. “It is really hard to stay focused on writing a song about summer […] Read More

Summer Storm

It was a very hot and humid day in the middle of the summer. Slow-Poke was at the wading pool that was at the far edge of the farm he lived on in Calgary, Alberta with his mother. He was enjoying himself. The cool water felt good on his warm feathers. Slow-Poke and his mother […] Read More