Hottest Summer Day – Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 24

Dear Diary, I have lived long enough to witness the hottest summer day on record and believe me, it was hot. Today’s temperature was 37 degrees Celsius.

Normal temperatures in Calgary, Alberta in the summer can reach just above 30, so to see it reach almost 40 was both thrilling and frightening.

It makes me wonder how high summer temperatures could reach. I still have roughly 300 years left on this Earth, thanks to a spell Helga put on me. It does worry me that our planet Earth may not live as long as I will.

With the hottest summer day behind me, now, I also wonder what else I will see in my lifetime. Will I see new technology, perhaps new cures for diseases, or will I see new deadlier diseases. Only time will tell and unlike everyone else I have a ton of time left.



Moral of this Story:

  • The days are getting warmer.
  • Example: Victor witnessed the hottest summer day in Calgary ever. He worries about the future.

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