City of Rain

“I declare Toronto is the city of rain this summer,” said City Kid to himself. “It has been raining here for the past month. I think there might have been maybe two days of sunshine at the most. I need some sunshine and lots of it.”

City Kid thought this might be a good time for him to visit other members of his family. He had a brother, Mountain Kid, that lived in the mountains of BC, a sister, Rancher Girl, that lived on a ranch just outside of Calgary, Alberta, a brother, Prairie Kid that also lived near Calgary and another brother, Fishing Kid that lived in New Brunswick.

“I would like to visit you,” said City Kid to his brother, Mountain Kid, on the phone. “I need some sunshine. Toronto is the city of rain this summer.”

“I would love for you to visit,” said Mountain Kid. “However, Kelowna is the city of fire this summer. There are tons of forest fires in BC right now.”

City Kid was disappointed but he didn’t want to visit his brother with a forest fire going on.

“Calgary is the city of smoke,” said both his brother, Prairie Kid and his sister, Rancher Girl, when he called them. “We are getting the smoke from BC.”

City Kid did not want to spend time with the smoke from the BC forest fires hovering over top of Calgary and most of Alberta.

“I would love for you to visit,” said his other brother, Fishing Kid. “We are getting a few days of sunshine right now.”

City Kid decided he would spend a week with his brother Fishing Kid. The two had a wonderful week together and City Kid enjoyed plenty of sunshine during his visit.

“Well I am back to the city of rain,” said City Kid, getting off the airplane in Toronto, where it was pouring rain, once his visit with his brother was over.


Moral of this Story:

  • Toronto was the city of rain.
  • Example: City Kid found out Canada has lots of different weather during the summer.

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