The Happy Balloon Family

“Daddy,” said Sissy Balloon, as they flew over Bed Type Tales Storyboard. “What are we going to do today?”

“The sky is clear and there are no clouds,” said Daddy Balloon. “It is a beautiful day today. How about we go to the park?”

“Are you talking about the park beside the ice-cream parlour?” asked Sissy.

“Yes,” said Daddy.

“Oh,” said Sissy, excitedly. “I love ice-cream. Yes, let’s go.”

Daddy, Sissy, Mommy and Baby Balloons shifted their direction in the sky and flew in the direction of the park.”

“The wind has picked up a little,” said Mommy to Sissy. “Be careful where you land.”

It was too late. Sissy Balloon got caught up in the wind. She ended up landing on a picnic table. There was a three scoop ice-cream cone sitting on the table. Sissy landed right on top of it. She was covered in bright red strawberry, dark chocolate and multi-coloured cotton candy ice-cream. She enjoyed licking the delicious ice cream up. It was very tasty.

“I think we need to fly over a swimming pool to get you cleaned up, Sissy,” laughed Mommy.

“Yes definitely,” laughed Daddy as Baby Balloon also landed on the ice-cream cone.

“Our children are having so much fun,” said Mommy.

“They certainly are,” said Daddy.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes it is fun to be messy.
  • Example: Sissy and Baby Balloon landed on top of a three scoop ice-cream cone. They were covered in ice-cream.

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