Halloween’s of the Past – Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 29

Dear Diary,

My great-great-great-great grandson, David came to visit me today. It was wonderful seeing him. He has been very busy with work and school. He did tell me that he is going to a huge Halloween party with his college classmates. He wanted to run a few costume ideas by me. Seeing as I am a monster, I guess he thought I am an authority on Halloween costumes.

Some people may have been offended by that but I will take any time I can to spend with David. He is a good young man and he has a very bright future ahead of him.

David mentioned several different comic book characters as ideas of what he could go as. We discussed the pros and cons of several and he had it narrowed down to two. He then told me that he would text the costume rental store and have them reserve the costume for him, once he has made his final decision.

I found myself laughing and David wondered what I was laughing at. I explained to him that Halloween nowadays was so sophisticated. I explained to him that there was no such thing as a store bought costume back when I was young. I explained to him how Halloween’s of the past were so much simpler. We would prepare for Halloween all year long, gathering all of our supplies when we could find them. Most times we started out with a few sheets of construction paper, a cardboard box, a roll of tape and a pair of scissors.

David then laughed and he told me that he thought our costumes would probably all look-alike. That was when I went up to the attic and took out an old photo album. I showed David pictures of my robot costume, a lion costume and a scarecrow costume that I had created.

David was impressed. In fact, he was so impressed that he decided he would make his Halloween costume instead of renting one. I told David I was pretty sure my robot costume was still in the attic. David went up to the attic and sure enough it was still there. It was almost 190 years old but it was in pretty good shape. I told David that with a few modifications, it was still usable.

The look on David’s face when I told him he could have it, was something I will never forget. He was ecstatic. He must have thanked me a hundred times.



Moral of this Story:

  • Halloween’s of the past were so much simpler.
  • Example: David explained to Victor how he was going to rent a costume for his Halloween party. Victor explained to him about Halloween’s of the past.

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