Halloween Bash with Batty

“Today is Halloween,” said Fawn. “I love Halloween.”

“You love all the candy,” said Spot.

“True,” said Fawn. “But I also like dressing up.”

Spot laughed because Fawn never dressed up for Halloween. Every time she would suggest costume ideas he would snub his nose at her.

“You are funny,” said spot. “You never dress up.”

“I do too,” said Fawn.

“If that is true,” said Spot. “Then what are you going to dress up as this year?”

“It’s a secret,” said Fawn.

“What is so secret about it?” asked Spot. “It isn’t like we are going to a Halloween party.”

“True,” said Fawn. “But I still don’t want to tell you.”

“Fine,” said Spot. “We should go visit Batty today. It has been awhile.”

“Yes,” said Fawn. “That is a good idea.”

Batty is a bat that lives in a cave in Kamloops, BC. He is a good friend of Fawn and Spot’s. Fawn and Spot walked the hour long walk to Batty’s cave. They were shocked and surprised to see Batty’s cave all decorated for Halloween.

“Oh good!” exclaimed Batty, happy to see his friends. “You came to my Halloween bash.”

“We didn’t know you were having a party,” said Spot. “We just came to visit.”

“Did you send us an invitation?” asked Fawn.

“Oh dear,” said Batty, seeing a stack of invitations still on his kitchen table. “I forgot to put them in the mail.”

“That is okay,” said Spot. “We are here now so we can come to your party. We aren’t in our costumes though.”

“Speak for yourself,” said Fawn. “I’m in my costume.”

“I don’t see any costume on you,” said Spot.

“I do,” said Batty. “He is dressed up as himself.”

“That is right,” said Fawn.

Spot just stood there, shaking her head and laughing.

“I guess I am dressed up as myself too,” said Spot.

“I suppose you are,” laughed Batty and Fawn.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t forget to mail invitations to your event.
  • Example: Batty forgot to mail out the invitations to his Halloween bash.

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