Halloween Bash with Batty

“Today is Halloween,” said Fawn. “I love Halloween.” “You love all the candy,” said Spot. “True,” said Fawn. “But I also like dressing up.” Spot laughed because Fawn never dressed up for Halloween. Every time she would suggest costume ideas he would snub his nose at her. “You are funny,” said spot. “You never dress […] Read More

Spot’s Red Dress

“Oh Daisy!” exclaimed Spot, when she saw her friend walking up the laneway. “I love your new red dress.” “Why thank you!” exclaimed Daisy. “I bought it at the little dress shop in the village.” “I would just love to own such a nice dress,” said Spot. Jenny Hansen just came up the driveway. She […] Read More

Bundle Up

“Hey Spot,” said Fawn. “See you later. I’m going outside to play.” “Fawn!” exclaimed Spot. “It is really cold outside and I mean really, really cold. Make sure you bundle up. I don’t want to see you get sick.” Fawn went outside and he realized that it was freezing cold and could not stand being […] Read More

Cold Days of Summer

Fawn and Spot were inside their new barn in Calgary, Alberta. It was the middle of summer and yet you wouldn’t know it from the weather. “It is cold for this time of the year,” said Spot. “Yes,” agreed Fawn. “It is.” “I am seriously considering turning on the furnace,” said Spot. “That is a […] Read More

Anything But Strawberries

Fawn was in the kitchen with Spot. He was helping her make her homemade strawberry jam. “Taste it,” said Spot, putting some on a spoon and handing it to Fawn. “Yummy,” said Fawn. “This is so good. The best strawberry jam I have ever tasted.” “Thank you,” said Spot. “Can I have some more?” asked […] Read More

Meet Fawn and Spot

Welcome to the Meet Fawn and Spot page. Fawn and Spot were once two real cows that I owned while living in Sharbot Lake, Ontario. Fawn was a tan coloured cow and Spot was a black and white coloured cow. I owned them when they were calves. I loved them because I was able to […] Read More

Fawn’s Easter

“Oh Fawn,” laughed Spot. “What are you doing?” Fawn was sitting on a rock in the field, just sitting there, doing absolutely nothing. “I’m just sitting here,” said Fawn. “Is there anything wrong with that?” “No,” said Spot. “There isn’t but I know you.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Fawn. “You are always up […] Read More

April Fool’s Day Wedding

Ricky Hansen was outside the barn cleaning up. It was the first day of April and it was nice and warm outside. “So,” Ricky overheard Fawn say to Spot. “Are we going to get married today?” “Today!” exclaimed Spot, laughing. “You aren’t serious are you? This is an April Fool’s Day joke, isn’t it? I […] Read More

I Know You Love Me Because…

“Why are you crying?” asked Fawn, seeing Spot sitting at the kitchen table crying. “I am crying because I don’t think you love me,” cried Spot. “Spot,” said Fawn. “Why would you think such a thing?” “Because you never tell me that you love me,” said Spot. Fawn thought for a minute. Spot was right. […] Read More

September Nights

“Fawn come outside,” said Spot, who was sitting on the porch  that was attached to the barn. “It is so nice outside.” “Is it hot?” asked Fawn. “No,” said Spot. “It is actually a little cool. There is a real nice breeze.” The summer months of July and August were scorchers for Fawn and Spot, […] Read More

The Best Mother’s Day

Fawn and Spot were wondering what they could do for Mrs. Hansen on Mother’s Day. They wanted to do something really special for her. She has never treated them as her barn yard animals or even as pets. Mrs. Hansen has always treated Fawn and Spot like her own children. “I really wish I could […] Read More