Summer Mud

It was a very muddy summer day. It had been raining for a few days straight. Fawn and Spot had been stuck in the barn and they both were just itching to get outside. 

“One more day inside,” said Mr. Hansen, when he came down to the barn to check on them. 

“But I want to go outside,” said Fawn. 

“I know,” said Mr. Hansen. “However, it is much too muddy. I don’t have the time today to wash you down.” 

“It is okay,” said Spot. “I will keep him busy.” 

“I don’t want to do any cleaning,” said Fawn, knowing that Spot always finds something that needs to be cleaned. 

“I am sure Spot will find something for you to do,” said Mr. Hansen. 

Spot kept Fawn busy and she did manage to get him to do some cleaning by promising him some home-made cookies. 

The next day, Fawn was all ready to go outside when Mr. Hansen came to the barn. 

“There is one spot of mud on the left side of the barn,” yelled Mr. Hansen, as Fawn darted out the barn door. 

Fawn didn’t hear Mr. Hansen and he went straight over to the left side of the barn. 

“Do you have time to wash me down today?” asked Fawn, completely covered in mud. 

“Oh Fawn!” cried Mr. Hansen, grabbing the hose, a big bucket and the soap. “Let’s get you clean!” 


Moral of this Story:

  • It is best to wait until there is no mud before letting your animals out to play.
  • Example: Fawn found the one spot of mud left and he ended up covered in it.

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