End of Summer

Franny Granny was very happy to see her two grandchildren, Daniel and Tracey.

“Why can’t I go to your baseball game?” asked Tracey. “You wanted me to go all summer, but I had to work!”

“Never mind,” said Daniel, storming into his grandmother’s kitchen.

“I see the two of you are in a good mood,” said Franny Granny.

Tracey and Daniel continued to argue for the next half hour. Franny Granny happened to glance at the calendar and she realized why her grandchildren were irritable.

“It is the end of summer,” said Franny Granny. “Tracey and Daniel will be starting back to school soon. That is why they are so miserable.”

Franny Granny decided she would give her two grandchildren the best end of summer day she could. She took them out for ice-cream and then to the beach.

“Thank you Grandma,” said Tracey. “This was a fun day after all.”

“Yes,” said Daniel. “It was fun and thank you for distracting us.”

“I was young once,” said Franny Granny, winking at Daniel and Tracey.


Moral of this Story:

  • The end of summer can be sad.
  • Example: Franny Granny realized that the end of summer was causing her grandchildren to be irritable.

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