Summer Boat Ride

“Troll Mother,” said Troll Sister. “Why don’t you want to go on a boat ride? It is summer, the season for adventure.”

“I am afraid of boats,” said Troll Mother. “I was almost in a boat accident when I was younger.”

“Oh,” said Troll Sister. “I didn’t know. I am sorry.”

“It is okay,” said Troll Mother. “That was many years ago.”

“You know,” said Troll Sister. “I would really like you to come with us. Troll Daddy won’t speed in the boat. He would keep all of us safe.”

“Yes,” said Troll Mother. “That is true. He wouldn’t speed with you children on the boat and he would keep us all safe.”

“Then you will go boating with us,” said Troll Sister, holding her breath, hoping Troll Mother would say yes.

“Oh okay,” said Troll Mother reluctantly. “Yes, I will go for a boat ride.”

The Troll Family walked down to the dock where Troll Daddy had rented a small motorboat.

“This is a pretty small boat,” commented Troll Mother. “Are you sure it is big enough for all five of us?”

“Yes,” said Troll Daddy. “This boat actually holds six.”

“Oh,” said Troll Mother. “I feel safer knowing that.”

“Everyone get their life jackets on,” said Troll Daddy.

Troll Mother was able to get her life jacket on quickly so then she helped Troll Sister and Troll Brother with theirs. Troll Daddy helped Troll Baby get into his.

“Okay,” said Troll Daddy, helping everyone into the boat and making sure they were all seated properly. “Let’s go boating!”

The Troll children were very excited. Troll Mother was a little nervous but she soon started to calm down.

Troll Daddy went nice and slow. Troll Mother loved the wind blowing through her hair and droplets of water dripping on her face. It was refreshing.

“Do you want to drive the boat?” asked Troll Daddy.

“Yes,” said Troll Mother. “I would love that.”

Troll Daddy helped steer the boat while Troll Mother controlled the speed of it.

“Good job,” said Troll Brother, proudly.

“Thank you,” said Troll Mother, feeling much better about boating. “Boating can actually be a lot of fun, especially when you be careful.”

“That is right,” said Troll Sister. “I am glad you are having fun.”

“I am glad you talked me into coming,” said Troll Mother. “I am having a lot of fun.”

“Good to hear,” said Troll Daddy. “Because I just bought this boat.”


Moral of this Story:

  • A childhood drama can always leave scars.
  • Example: Troll Mother had a scare when she was younger and has been afraid of boats ever since.

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