Ugly Sally – Character Insight

Welcome to the Ugly Sally – Character Insight page. I created the Ugly Sally character as part of the Halloween and Monster Story Challenge 2016. She is based on the drawing I did of a female monster face. Ugly Sally and her Uncle Joe are the only survivors of a clan of monsters, the Pinecrest monsters. The Pinecrest monsters were killed off by the Tamarack monster clan.

Ugly Sally was left alone in the cabin her parents lived in. Her now adoptive father found her. He knew she was there alone because he saw her monster parents dead outside. Just losing their first child in a miscarriage, Father took Ugly Sally home. He and his wife are the only parents Ugly Sally knows and she loves and respects them more than anything. She does not remember her real parents.

Uncle Joe was lucky to escape the carnage left by the Tamarack clan because he was at the University undergoing some research at the time. He returned and became an important part of Ugly Sally’s life. He was very happy that she had a loving and caring family that took her in and cared for her.


Fact Card for Ugly Sally:

  • Date Created: August 12, 2016
  • City of Residence: Calgary, Alberta
  • Type of Character: Monster
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Character Traits: Considerate and Kind
  • Favourite Quote: “I just want to be loved!”

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