Cows Rule

“Fawn!” exclaimed Spot, angrily. “What are you doing?”

“I’m playing,” said Fawn. “Do you want to play with me? I’m having a lot of fun.”

“No!” exclaimed Spot. “I do not want to play! Don’t you know that I am trying to get this barn cleaned up!”

“Oh,” said Fawn. “You can clean anytime. Come play instead.”

“Fawn!” exclaimed Spot. “Look at the stuff you got all over your floor. I’ve just been spending all morning cleaning up the rest of this barn and guess what? You are going to clean your room whether you like it or not.”

“Why are you getting so angry?” asked Fawn. “It is like you are expecting … Oh my goodness! What day is it?”

“Yes,” said Spot. “That is right! Today is the day.”

“Oh,” said Fawn. “Quickly putting away his toys and cleaning up his room. I forgot that Grampy is coming today!”

Fawn raced around his room as quickly as he could, trying to clean up.

“Do a good job!” exclaimed Spot, closing the door behind her as she left Fawn’s room.

“You get back here,” cried Fawn. “I need your help.”

“Sorry,” said Spot. “I have to finish cleaning up the kitchen.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Fawn, stamping his feet on his way back to his room.

“Just hurry up,” said Spot. “Mr. and Mrs. Hansen are you going to be back to the airport shortly.”

Mr. and Mrs. Hansen had gone to the Kelowna, BC airport to pick up Grampy, who was coming to BC for his very first visit.

“Grampy’s here!” exclaimed Fawn, who saw the van pull up into the driveway through his bedroom window. “Spot, come here and help me finish my room.”

Spot went into Fawn’s room and helped him clean it up, but only after making Fawn a deal that he would have to do the dinner dishes that evening.

“Grampy!” exclaimed Fawn, giving Grampy the biggest hug ever.

“Hi Fawn!” exclaimed Grampy. “How is my best bud?”

“Good,” said Fawn.

“Gee,” said Grampy. “You guys look good. I guess this mountain air has done you some good.”

“Yes,” said Spot. “We love it here.”

“I don’t blame you,” said Grampy. “It is beautiful here!”

“Want to go for a walk?” asked Fawn.

“Sure,” said Grampy. “I’d love to.”

Fawn and Spot took Grampy for a walk through a mountainous road and then into the forest. Many times Fawn just wandered right into the middle of the road.

“Fawn,” said Grampy. “You’d better get off the road.”

“Gee Grampy,” said Spot. “Don’t worry so much! You are in BC now.”

“Yes,” said Fawn. “In BC, cows rule!”

“What?” asked Grampy.

“Well,” said Fawn. “All cows in BC just walk wherever they want to. If we want to stand in the middle of the road for hours, we just do it.”

Fawn stood in the middle of the road, talking to Grampy, when a pickup truck was coming around the bend.

“Fawn!” screamed Grampy. “Get off the road. You are going to get killed.”

Fawn just stayed where he was and then all of a sudden the truck slowed down to a crawl and went around Fawn.

“Man,” said Grampy, in amazement. “If you did that in Ontario, you’d be in my freezer right now.”

“Well,” laughed Fawn. “You aren’t going to get me into your freezer yet!”

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