Happy Autumn

“Autumn Elf,” cried Autumn Elf’s sister, Stella. “Have you seen Frankton in the last couple of days?”

“No,” said Autumn Elf. “I am planning on going to see him later today. Did you want to come with me?”

“Yes,” said Stella. “I would like that.”

Autumn Elf and Stella have known Frankton for years. Frankton is an elderly elf. He is very wise and helps Autumn Elf deal with some of the issues he has to deal with being an elf.

Autumn Elf and Stella walked through the forest to Frankton’s house. It was a beautiful autumn day.

“Look at the pretty colours on the maple trees,” said Stella. “I am so happy it is autumn!”

“I am too,” said Autumn Elf, who was actually in charge of the autumn weather. “Seeing the autumn colours always makes me happy.”

Autumn Elf and Stella reached Frankton’s house. They were surprised that Frankton was not outside enjoying the beautiful day.

“I will go find him,” said Autumn Elf.

Autumn Elf knocked on Frankton’s door. There was no answer. He saw that Frankton’s door was part way open so, he went inside.

“Frankton!” cried Autumn Elf, seeing his friend was sitting at the kitchen table, trying to pour himself a cup of tea.

“You are very shaky,” said Stella, coming into Frankton’s house. “Let me help you with that.”

“Are you okay?” asked Autumn Elf, seeing that Frankton’s face was very pale.

“I am just getting over being sick,” said Frankton. “It is good to see the two of you?”

“Thank you,” said Frankton. “You know, I want to get outside and enjoy this beautiful autumn day. I am not sure if my legs will carry me that far. I haven’t gotten all my strength back in them yet?”

“You probably shouldn’t venture outside until you are stronger,” said Stella.

“Stella is right,” said Autumn Elf. “I do, however, have an idea. We will bring autumn indoors to you.”

Autumn Elf grabbed some beautifully coloured leaves when he went outside. He gathered some twigs and some acorns. He took those items into the house. Stella and Autumn Elf  made Frankton a beautiful autumn wreath.

“This really makes me happy,” said Frankton. “Now I can at least have a piece of the autumn season to look at. Thank you so much! I think this is just what I needed to feel better.”

Autumn Elf and Stella stayed with Frankton to help him. Autumn Elf chopped him up some firewood and Stella helped clean up Franklin’s house.

“You two are amazing,” said Frankton, smiling. “You have turned this bleak autumn day into a happy autumn day. Thank you so much!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to help those who are ill.
  • Example: Autumn Elf and his sister, Stella, helped Frankton, an elderly elf, who was ill.

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