Autumn Colours

Colour Kid was walking through a forest in Eastern Ontario. It was a beautiful sunny autumn day. He stopped in a clearing and stood looking around him. He was mesmerized by the beauty of the autumn colours.

“I just can’t believe how beautiful the colours of the leaves are in autumn,” said Colour Kid. “There are bright red leaves, bright yellow leaves and bright orange leaves as well.”

Colour Kid has traveled throughout most of Canada and while he prefers the western provinces, not one of them are a match to the beauty of the maple forests located in the eastern provinces.

The autumn colours are just breathtaking and they are something that everyone in the world should see at least once in a lifetime. It is a sight that will never be forgotten.

Autumn leaves are one of the most beautiful sights ever to be seen. The worst part about it is that once the autumn leaves fall to the ground, the trees are totally bare. When that happens, winter will soon be here.


Moral of this Story:

  • Autumn colours are a very beautiful sight.
  • Example: Colour Kid traveled to easter Canada to see the autumn colours.

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