“E” is for Easter

“It is Easter,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘E’ is for Easter.” “Yes it is,” said Easter Lily, Alphabet Allie’s friend. “Easter is early this year. ‘E’ is for early.” “There is that lady who lives at the eastern edge of the garden,” said Alphabet Allie, noticing a lady coming out of her house. “‘E’ is for […] Read More

Easter Lily and Jellybeans

“It is a beautiful Easter morning,” said Easter Lily, while walking through the garden. “I am happy to see that everyone in the garden is happy.” Easter Lily comes alive each Easter. She has one goal and one goal only. Her goal is to make sure everyone in the garden is happy. If there is […] Read More

Easter Lily and the Chocolate Shortage

“It is almost Easter,” said Easter Lily, taking a walk in the garden. “It appears everyone is happy so it looks like Easter will go ahead as planned.” ” I am sorry,” said Easter Lily’s friend, Renee Chickadee. “We have a big problem and I know it is going to make you sad.” “Oh dear,” […] Read More

A Happy Easter Day

Easter Lily just finished cleaning up the garden and she had everything prepared for Easter day. She had also just made sure that everyone in the garden was happy. Easter won’t come to the garden if anyone is sad. “Are we ready for Easter?” asked Easter Lily’s best friend, Renee Chickadee. “We are,” said Easter […] Read More

It is Easter

Easter Lily poked her head out of the ground. She was very happy because she knew it was almost Easter and she was also very happy because she was alive once again.   Easter Lily stood up and shook the dirt off her. She then saw her friend, Renee Chickadee fly overhead.   “Renee!” called […] Read More

Cranky Bunny and his Handsome Easter Suit

“Oh no!” shouted cranky Bunny in his usual cranky voice. “I can’t find it. I can’t find it anywhere. I have looked everywhere for it.” “I see you are cranky again,” said Mother. “What are you looking for?” “I am looking for my Easter suit,” said Cranky Bunny. “I don’t have time to look for […] Read More

Cranky Bunny wants Chocolate

“It is Easter day,” said Cranky Bunny as he walked into the kitchen and saw his friend, Julie sitting at the kitchen table. “Yes,” said Julie, smiling. “It is Easter. I do hope you are happy about that. I hope you aren’t cranky.” “To tell you the truth,” said Cranky Bunny. “I am cranky.” “Why […] Read More

Cranky Bunny and a Thankful Easter Dinner

It was Easter morning. Cranky Bunny was in his kitchen with his best friend, Julie. He was very cranky. “I have nothing to eat for my Easter dinner,” cried Cranky Bunny. “How can I have Easter dinner without any food?” “What do you mean you have no food?” asked Julie, opening up one of Cranky […] Read More

Cranky Bunny and the Sunny Easter Day

“Julie,” said Cranky Bunny, to his friend that showed up at his place. “What are you doing here?” “I saw the sun was shining,” said Julie. “It is a beautiful Easter day.” “What is so beautiful about it? “asked Cranky Bunny, in a cranky voice. “Two things,” said Julie. “The sun is shining and it […] Read More

Cranky Bunny at Easter

“Come on Cranky Bunny,” shouted Cranky Bunny’s Aunt Sarah. “I want to take you to the Easter egg hunt but we have to hurry because all the good Easter eggs will be taken.” “Fine!” yelled Cranky Bunny. “I’m coming.” “I see you are cranky,” said Aunt Sarah. “I can always go alone.” “Sorry,” said Cranky […] Read More

Meet Jen-Jen

Welcome to the Meet Jen-Jen page. Jen-Jen is a character I created because of my daughter, Jenny. As a young child, I nicknamed Jenny, Jen-Jen. I love that name. I don’t think Jenny is so fond of it though and who can really blame her. She is all grown up now. My character Jen-Jen is […] Read More

Meet Chester Chipmunk

Welcome to the Meet Chester Chipmunk page. Chester Chipmunk is a character I created in 1994. He was one of the first characters I wrote about. Living in a rural area of Eastern Ontario, I got to see a lot of chipmunks. I was always fascinated by them. They are small and very adorable. I […] Read More