The Lost Easter

“Are you sure Easter Bunny is coming?” asked Harley, as her mother tucked her into bed. “I am worried because of the coryvirus that has been plaguing Storyland.”

“Trust me,” said Mother. “Easter Bunny is coming. We do have to still follow our social distancing rules but we are still going to celebrate Easter.”

Harley went to sleep and while she slept, she had a dream about Easter Bunny not being able to come to her house. In her dream, she went searching for Easter Bunny.

“I finally found you,” said Harley. “It took me awhile but then I remembered that you live on Easter Lily Way.”

“I am just leaving on my journey around the world,” said Easter Bunny. “What are you doing here?”

“I am afraid there isn’t going to be Easter this year,” said Harley.

“I assume this is because of that nasty coryvirus,” said Easter Bunny. “Is that right?”

Easter Bunny watched as Harley shook her head.

“My sweet Harley,” said Easter Bunny. “We have had too much sadness lately because of that coryvirus. We need some happiness. We need smiling faces, just like yours. I am not going to let that coryvirus ruin Easter. Now, you sleep until morning and when you wake up, it will be Easter. Easter will be a little different this year but it will still be Easter.”

Harley stayed sleeping until Easter morning. She woke up to her mother telling her Easter Bunny did come in the night and that he had left her some very nice Easter gifts.

“Thank you, Mommy,” said Harley. “The Easter Bunny told me he was coming when I was sleeping.”

“Oh, I see,” said Mommy.

“Happy Easter!” shouted Harley.

“Happy Easter!” shouted Mommy.


Moral of this Story:

  • Easter will be different this year but it will still be Easter.
  • Example: Harley was worried the Easter Bunny wasn’t coming because of the coryvirus that has plagued Storyland.

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