A Creepy Easter

Creepy Creature could smell chocolate. He came down from the mountain to find it. Creepy Creature loved chocolate, candy and other sweets.

Creepy Creature sniffed and sniffed. He sniffed all the way to an open field. In the open field, Creepy Creature found tons of Easter eggs. He started to pick up the Easter eggs and put them in his pocket. He soon felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Easter Bunny.

“What are you doing?” asked Easter Bunny. “Those Easter eggs aren’t yours. They are for an Easter egg hunt for the children. Please put them back.”

Creepy Creature didn’t listen. Instead, he wrapped himself around Easter Bunny’s leg and started to scream.

“I want chocolate!” shouted Creepy Creature.

“That is no way to ask for chocolate” said Easter Bunny.

“Chocolate please,” said Creepy Creature.

“There is some good in you,” said Easter Bunny. “Now, put those chocolates back and go home. You will find something special for you there, from me.”

Creepy Creature did as he was told. He put all the Easter eggs back that he took. He then went home and he found a large Easter egg on his porch.

“Happy Easter!” shouted Creepy Creature to himself, taking a huge bite.


Moral of this Story:

  • There is some good in all of us.
  • Example: Easter Bunny told Creepy Creature that he was not all bad and that there was some good in him.

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