A Tricky Easter

“Thank you for helping me bring the groceries in,” said Trickster Bunny’s Mother.

“You are welcome,” said Trickster Bunny. “I am going to go for a walk today.”

“Okay,” said Mother. “Well, have fun.”

“It is a beautiful day,” said Trickster Bunny to himself on the way out the door. “I want to see if I can find Easter Bunny. Maybe I can play a trick on him.”

Trickster set out to find the Easter Bunny. He did find him fairly quickly because he knew where Easter Bunny lived.

“Oh look,” said Trickster Bunny to himself. “There he is! There is Easter Bunny!”

Trickster knew if he wanted to play a trick on Easter Bunny that he would have to be very quiet or else Easter Bunny would hear him.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Trickster, stepping on a twig that made a crackling sound.

“Trickster,” said Easter Bunny, when he heard a twig snap. “Are you trying to play a trick on me?”

“I was going to,” said Trickster.

“That wouldn’t have been a smart thing to do since I am Easter Bunny and I can take away the Easter presents I was going to give you,” said Easter Bunny.

“I never thought of that,” said Trickster. “I probably don’t deserve anything for Easter because I am so bad.”

“You aren’t all bad,” said Easter Bunny.

“Sure I am,” said Trickster. “Why else would I try to trick you, Easter Bunny?”

“Who helps out his mother when she needs help?” asked Easter Bunny.

“Yes,” admitted Trickster. “I suppose that is true.”

“There is good in you,” said Easter Bunny. “I see it and so does your mother.”

“Well,” said Trickster, waving goodbye to Easter Bunny. “I have to go home now. That way I will stay out of trouble.”

“Good idea,” said Easter Bunny, laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t a good idea to play tricks on the Easter Bunny.
  • Example:Trickster Bunny thought he would play a trick on the Easter Bunny but the Easter Bunny caught him.

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