“Let’s go!” said Mother. “We are going to be late for your first piano lesson.”

“Just wait a minute,” said Jake. “I have to get my shoes on.”

“Okay,” said Mother. “But hurry up!”

Jake sat down on the hallway floor and put his shoes on.

“I wish I were taking guitar lessons,” said Jake. “I would rather play the guitar.”

“But Jake,” said Mother. “You already know that we discussed this matter last night. You will be far better off learning how to play the piano first and next year you can take guitar lessons.”

“You mean it,” said Jake excitedly.

“Absolutely,” said Mother.

Jake actually enjoyed his piano lessons very much. He learned quite a bit about how to read music. However, he still had a desire to play guitar.

“Your son is an amazing piano player,” said Mr. Jones, the piano teacher to Jake’s Mother one night after class.

“Yes he is,” agreed Mother.

Jake, in the meantime, saw Mr. Jones guitar and picked it up and started playing it.”

“Unfortunately he wants to play guitar instead,” said Mother.

“There is nothing wrong with that,” said Mr. Jones.

Mother could hear a guitar playing in the background and she had to admit that it sounded nice.

Mr. Jones also heard a guitar playing in the background and turned to see who it was.

“Jake should definitely learn how to play guitar,” said Mr. Jones. “Just listen to him!”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mother, just realizing that it was Jake playing the guitar.

That evening Jake’s Mother took him to a music store and bought Jake his very own guitar.

“And tomorrow,” said Mother. “You will be starting guitar lessons.”

“Thank you Mom,” said Jake, kissing her on the cheek.

Jake became a very good guitarist. He went on to having a very successful rock and roll band.

“Hey Jake,” said Raymond, the bass guitarist, one night just before a concert. “Mike, our keyboard player can’t make it. He’s sick.”

“Well,” said Jake. “It’s a good thing my Mother made me take guitar lessons.”

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