Pumpkin Cookies

It was a cool autumn morning. Angry Baker had just got to the bake shop. He wanted to get an early start on the baking he had to do for the day. He decided he would make a batch of cookies first.

Angry Baker wasn’t sure what kind of cookies he was going to make though. He wanted to make some peanut butter cookies and some chocolate chip cookies. He always made all of his cookies with the same basic recipe so he mixed up a big batch of it. When he got that done, he set that aside and cleaned up his work area. He heard the bell ring at the front of the store. It was too early for customers. Angry Baker knew it was his friend, Melissa.

“Good morning,” said Melissa, once Angry Baker opened the door for her to come inside.

“Hi,” said Angry Baker, locking the door behind her. “I should just give you a key.”

“That would be a good idea,” said Melissa, immediately making a pot of coffee for Angry Baker and herself. “That way I won’t be bothering you. I can come in and get the coffee ready.”

Angry Baker took his spare key off the counter and handed it to Melissa.

“Thank you,” said Melissa.

“Does this mean we are now an item?” asked Angry Baker.

“Yes,” said Melissa. “I do believe that is what it means.”

Melissa works for the National Sugar Distributing Company, where Angry Baker orders his baking supplies. Melissa was very helpful to him when he had some issues getting some of the supplies that he needed. The two became very good friends. Melissa would stop by the bake shop every morning on her way to work and have a coffee with Angry Baker.

“Good,” said Angry Baker, giving Melissa a kiss. “I am honoured to have you as my girlfriend.”

“Thank you,” said Melissa, blushing.

Angry Baker went into the back. Melissa took two cups of coffee and followed him.

“So,” said Melissa. “What are you baking this morning?”

“Cookies,” said Angry Baker.

“I love your peanut butter cookies,” said Melissa. “Is that what you are going to make?”

Melissa leaned over the counter to see what was in the bowl that Angry Baker had set there. She accidentally knocked over a can of pumpkin pie filling. It landed into the bowl of cookie mix.

“I am so sorry,” said Melissa.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Angry Baker, trying his hardest not to get angry. “I will just throw this away and make a new batch.”

Melissa took the bowl and stirred up the pumpkin filling with the cookie dough. She then took her finger, dipped it into the mixture and tried it. She couldn’t believe how good it tasted.

“Try it,” said Melissa, putting some onto a spoon and giving it to Angry Baker.

“Wow!” exclaimed Angry Baker. “That is good and that is just the raw dough. They will taste amazing once they are baked.”

Angry Baker baked a batch and he let Melissa try one before she left for work.

“That are so good,” said Melissa. “They are moist and chewy. I need a dozen to take to work with me. The girls in the office will love them.”

Angry Baker baked a few dozen of the pumpkin cookies and gave one dozen to Melissa. Melissa took them to work and the girls did love them. They ordered a few dozen of them.

When Angry Baker opened the bake shop for business that morning, he sold all the pumpkin cookies within the first hour. They turned out to be his best selling cookie.

“Thank you,” said Angry Baker, when Melissa came by the bake shop after work that evening. “You can spill anything you want in my bake shop from now on.”

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