Happy Heart at the Bakery

Happy Heart knew it was Valentine’s Day. She had to get to Bed Tyme Tales Storyland so she could spread her love and happiness to everyone. Once at Bed Tyme Tales Storyland, Happy Heart saw a bakery. She sensed that someone was unhappy inside the bakery. “Can I please have ten loaves of bread and […] Read More

Angry Baker’s Christmas Cake

“I have the perfect idea for a special Christmas cake,” said Angry Baker, holding an old beat up recipe card in his hand. “I remember my grandmother making this. It was so light and moist.” “What is it?” asked Angry Baker’s fiancée, Melissa. “Grandmother used to call it Pineapple Heaven Cake,” said Angry Baker. “Just […] Read More

Sammy Spider at the Bakery

It was a cool autumn morning. Sammy Spider was looking for a place to spend the winter. He was hoping he could find a nice warm place. Sammy Spider was walking around the streets Bed Tyme Tales Storyland. He caught the smell that was coming from a bakery. “Oh the smell from the bakery smells […] Read More

Mr. Rubberman Visits Angry Baker

“What are you baking today?” asked Angry Baker’s fiancée, Melissa. “I am baking some chocolate Halloween treats,” said Angry Baker. Melissa got up from the chair she was sitting on. She tripped and she ended up dropping a huge chunk of caramel into Angry Baker’s mixture of chocolate. “What have you done?” screamed Angry Baker, […] Read More

Angry Baker is Thankful for Melissa

It was the week before the Thanksgiving weekend in Calgary, Alberta. Angry Baker was in his bakery trying to keep up with the many orders he had to prepare. His fiancée, Melissa, was helping him. Angry Baker was thankful for Melissa because he really needed her help.  “I really appreciate you helping me out,” said […] Read More

Beatrice Bee Visits Angry Baker

Beatrice Bee flew around the streets of Bed Tyme Tales Storyland. She smelled the distinct smell of honey and she had to find it. She followed the smell all the way to the front door of a bake shop. “Oh,” said Beatrice Bee. “I love the smell of honey. I have to check out this […] Read More

Meet Angry Baker

Welcome to the Meet Angry Baker page. Angry Baker owns his own fictional bake shop in Calgary, Alberta. It is a very busy bakery and at times, it can be very stressful for him. The reason Angry Baker gets so angry is because of the stress he is under. Despite the fact that he does […] Read More