Mr. Rubberman Visits Angry Baker

“What are you baking today?” asked Angry Baker’s fiancée, Melissa.

“I am baking some chocolate Halloween treats,” said Angry Baker.

Melissa got up from the chair she was sitting on. She tripped and she ended up dropping a huge chunk of caramel into Angry Baker’s mixture of chocolate.

“What have you done?” screamed Angry Baker, angrily. “You have ruined this whole batch of treats.”

“I am sorry,” said Melissa. “It was an accident. Are you sure they are ruined?”

Before Angry Baker could answer her, a customer came into the shop. Angry Baker went to take care of the customer.

“How can I help you?” snapped Angry Baker.

“My name is Mr. Rubberman,” said the customer. “I would like some of these Halloween treats you advertised.”

“I don’t have any,” yelled Angry Baker. “My fiancée spilled caramel into the mixture.”

Mr. Rubberman waved his arms in front of Angry Baker and erased his anger.

“You know,” said Ms. Rubberman.” A bit of caramel mixed in with the chocolate might not be a bad. I’ll take them anyway.”

“You might be right,” said Angry Baker, thinking about it.

Angry Baker took the mixture with the caramel in it and baked a batch. He let Mr. Rubberman try it first.

“They are good,” said Mr. Rubberman.

Angry Baker and Melissa tried one as well.

“These are good,” said Angry Baker. “I am sorry for getting so angry with you, Melissa.”

“I forgive you,” said Melissa.

“I will take a dozen,” said Mr. Rubberman, smiling.


Moral of this Story:

  • Accidents can happen.
  • Example: Melissa accidentally dropped some caramel into a chocolate mixture and Angry Baker became very angry.
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