Bad Teeth Bradley Lost his Candy

Bad Teeth Bradley was trick-or-treating on Halloween night. He set his bag of candy down on a bench. He turned to sit down beside it. He saw Dr. Stevens, his dentist, walking toward him.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Bad Teeth Bradley, pushing the bag of candy onto the ground.

“Hi Bad Teeth Bradley,” said Dr. Stevens. “Where is all your candy?”

“Uh,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, looking on the ground and not seeing his bag of candy anywhere. “I don’t have any.”

“Really?” asked Dr. Stevens, not believing him.

“Yes,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. “I really don’t have any.”

“I am very proud of you,” said Dr. Stevens.

“Thank you,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, still looking around for the bag of candy.

Dr. Stevens left. Bad Teeth Bradley searched everywhere for his bag of candy. He couldn’t find it anywhere.

“That is strange,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

A few minutes later, Bad Teeth Bradley saw a fuzzy tail sticking out from behind a tree. Bad Teeth Bradley snuck up behind the tree. He saw his bag of candy and a squirrel eating some of it.

Bad Teeth Bradley carefully took his bag of candy back. He sat down on the bench with it.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Bad Teeth Bradley, seeing Dr. Stevens standing in front of him.

“I’ll take that,” said Dr. Stevens, reaching over and taking the bag of candy and then taking Bad Teeth Bradley by the hand. “And you are coming with me.”

“Oh dear! “exclaimed Bad Teeth Bradley.

Dr. Stevens took Bad Teeth Bradley to his office and checked him. Bad Teeth Bradley had a cavity. Dr. Stevens filled it for him and he gave him a printout of his next 100 appointments.


Moral of this Story:

  • You can’t hide your candy from your dentist.
  • Example: Bad Teeth Bradley thought he had hidden his candy from his dentist, Dr. Stevens. He wasn’t expecting Dr. Stevens to come back.
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