Dance Classes on Halloween Night

It is Halloween night in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is close to winter in Winnipeg. It is freezing cold and there is a ton of snow already. Beastly walked the streets dressed only in his tuxedo. Meanwhile, everyone else had their winter coats, boots, scarves, hats and even their long underwear on. Normally, people stare […] Read More

Scrunchie at the Halloween Dance

“Are you ready?” asked Scrunchie’s 87 year old Aunt Mabel. “Ready for what?” asked Scrunchie, confused. “The Halloween dance,” said Aunt Mabel. “I told you I’m not going,” said Scrunchie. “Oh yes you are,” said Aunt Mabel. “Besides, if you don ‘t go with me, who will look after me?” Scrunchie knew he could not […] Read More

Bad Teeth Bradley Lost his Candy

Bad Teeth Bradley was trick-or-treating on Halloween night. He set his bag of candy down on a bench. He turned to sit down beside it. He saw Dr. Stevens, his dentist, walking toward him. “Oh dear!” exclaimed Bad Teeth Bradley, pushing the bag of candy onto the ground. “Hi Bad Teeth Bradley,” said Dr. Stevens. […] Read More

Meet Frankie

Frankie is a character I created from a drawing I did of a monster. He was created as part of the Halloween and Monster Challenge 2016. Frankie lives in the Cabbagetown district of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Frankie has his own apartment. He is friends with Marvin, a homeless man that lives behind a dumpster in […] Read More

Batty Hurt His Wings

It was Halloween and Batty was so excited. Halloween was his favourite time of year. He couldn’t wait until the trick-or-treaters came to the door of his cave. He loved spooking them. He loved hearing their screams as he flew around just above their heads. He loved how they would fling their arms around. He […] Read More

Missing Vampires

Vamp was walking through the shopping mall, the week before Halloween. He noticed something very disturbing at any of the Halloween shops he had visited. He noticed that not one of the Halloween shops were selling vampire costumes. “What is up with that?” Vamp asked himself. “What is Halloween without a vampire costume?” Vamp went […] Read More

Pumpkin Patch

“We must go to the pumpkin patch to pick out our Halloween pumpkin,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Halloween is tomorrow.” “We could go right now,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I have nothing planned for this morning.” Poor Mountain Mother grabbed her coat and her and Poor Mountain Father walked down the laneway to their pumpkin […] Read More

Billy Troll’s Halloween Concert

“Come on Billy,” said Dianne Troll, his wife. “It will be fun to dress up for Halloween.” “I don’t think so,” said Billy Troll. “What will my fans think of me?” “Billy,” said Dianne. “Your fans will love you dressed up or not.” “That is my point,” said Billy. “I don’t feel I need to […] Read More