Silly Snake – Character Insight

Silly Snake, created solely to add a dash of fun to my stories, is a character whose friendliness and outgoing nature might lead some to believe I adore snakes. Contrary to this assumption, my feelings towards snakes couldn’t be anymore clearer. I despise them!

Living a solitary life in Revelstoke, BC, Silly Snake has no companions and is accustomed to traveling alone across the whimsical lands of Storyland. Despite his usual solitude, he occasionally makes time to visit his mother, a journey that brings a rare warmth to his otherwise lonesome existence.

Silly Snake’s days are filled with unexpected encounters and whimsical discoveries. Whether he’s navigating the dense forests of Storyland or basking in the sunlit meadows, his curiosity never wanes. Each story featuring Silly Snake is a testament to the joy of exploration and the beauty of independence. His solo travels may not bring new friends into his life, but they do lead to self-discovery and personal growth. And who knows? Perhaps one day, Silly Snake’s path will cross with another’s, leading to a friendship he never knew he was missing.

What we know about Silly Snake so far?

  • Created on September 21, 1993.
  • Lives in Revelstoke, BC.
  • Visits his mother frequently.
  • Friendly and outgoing in nature.
  • Inspires joy of exploration and beauty of independence through his stories.
  • Experiences unexpected encounters and makes whimsical discoveries.
  • Emphasizes self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Enjoys navigating dense forests and basking in sunlit meadows.
  • Open to the possibility of friendship in the future.
  • Favourite quote, “Don’t be afraid of me!”

List of Silly Snake’s Family Members:

  • Silly Snake’s Mother – Silly Snake visits his mother frequently.


  • Silly Snake enjoys stumbling upon unexpected and magical things during his travels in Storyland.
  • He finds joy in exploring the mysterious and enchanting forests.
  • The warmth of the sun and the beauty of open meadows appeal to him.
  • Silly Snake appreciates the moments of introspection and personal growth that come from his solo adventures.


  • While he has grown accustomed to it, Silly Snake’s solitary life can sometimes be lonely.
  • He doesn’t have any close friends or companions in Storyland.
  • Despite being a snake himself, Silly Snake despises other snakes.

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