Summer Camp

“Now dear,” said Mother. “Are you sure you have everything packed?”

“Yes Mom,” said eight year old Shelby.

“Well then let’s go,” said Mommy. “Daddy is outside in the car.”

“Mommy,” said Shelby, seriously. “I’m going to miss you.”

“I know,” said Mommy. “I will miss you too, but you are only going to be away for one week. Besides, you will have fun at camp.”

Shelby and her parents drove to the camp, which was about an hour away.

“My aren’t we quiet,” said Daddy. “You aren’t a little scared now, are you?”

“Just a little,” said Shelby.

“Well, don’t be scared honey,” said Daddy. “Going to summer camp can be a lot of fun. You will go canoeing, fishing and hiking. It will be lots of fun. Why, I bet you will even meet some new friends!”

“Do you think so?” asked Shelby, cheering up a little. “That would be fun!”

Once Shelby arrived at the camp, she felt much better. She kissed both Mommy and Daddy good-bye.

Don’t worry about me,” said Shelby, waving good-bye to her parents. “I will be fine!”

Shelby found the first night at camp fun. It was a time for everyone to get to know each other. After supper, the camp leaders made a huge bonfire and all the children sang songs. Pretty soon, it was time for bed..

After Shelby got her pajamas on she got her sleeping bag out and was about to climb into it, when she heard someone sobbing.

“What’s the matter?” Shelby asked, when she found out who was crying.

“I miss my Mommy and Daddy,” the little girl cried.

“I do too,” said Shelby.

“You do!” exclaimed the little girl.

“Yes, I do,” said Shelby. “I miss them very much.”

“But you’re not sad,” said the little girl.

“I was sad before I got here,” said Shelby. “Now, I’m having fun.”

“I would have fun if I knew someone here,” said the little girl. “I don’t know anyone here. I don’t have any friends here at all.”

“I don’t know anyone here,” said Shelby. “I don’t have any friends here, either.”

“You don’t,” said the little girl. “I have an idea! Why don’t we be friends?”

“Sure,” said Shelby. “We could be friends!”

“My name is Cassie,” said the little girl, holding out her hand for Shelby to shake.

“I’m Shelby,” said Shelby, shaking Cassie’s hand.

Shelby and Cassie could hardly sleep that night. They were both very excited that they had made a new friend.

“Time to get up!” exclaimed the camp leader the next morning.

Shelby and Cassie both dressed quickly, brushed their hair and teeth and went to the dining tent.

“Look,” said Shelby, sitting down beside Cassie. “We both have the same t-shirts on.”

“I guess we were meant to be friends,” said Cassie, laughing.

“I guess,” said Shelby, also laughing.

After breakfast, Shelby and Cassie got to go canoeing.

“This is so much fun!” exclaimed Shelby.

“Yes it is,” said Cassie.

Shelby and Cassie spent a wonderful morning canoeing and talking together. Shelby learned that Cassie had just moved to Oshawa, where Shelby lives and that in September, Cassie would be going to Shelby’s school, Harmony Road Public School. They were even going to be in the same grade.

That afternoon, the two new friends got to do arts and crafts. They both made cards for their parents.

“Shelby and Cassie,” said the camp leader after supper. “You two are on dish duty.”

“I hate dishes,” said Shelby, under her breath.

“Me too,” said Cassie, laughing.

Shelby and Cassie did the dishes, reluctantly. However they both had a great time, laughing and giggling.

The rest of the week at camp turned out to be the best week Shelby ever had. Shelby was a little sad that the week was over. Cassie had already left camp. Her parents had come earlier that morning.

“Oh, I missed you so much,” said Mommy, hugging Shelby tightly.

“I missed you too,” said Shelby.

“Did you have fun?” Daddy asked, giving Shelby a big hug, too.

“Yes, Daddy!” exclaimed Shelby. “I had lots of fun. I’ve even got a new friend, too!”

“That’s great!” exclaimed Daddy.

Shelby and her parents drove home from camp. As they were pulling into the driveway, Shelby noticed a moving truck in the driveway next door.

“Some new people are moving into the house next door,” Mommy explained. “They have a daughter who is your age.”

Shelby looked out the car window and was surprised to see Cassie standing in the front lawn, next door.

“That’s my new friend, Cassie, from camp!” exclaimed Shelby.

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