Warm Sweater

“I’m going outside to play,” said Troll Brother.

“Put on your new sweater that Grandma Troll made you for Christmas,” said Troll Mother.

“Do I have to?” asked Troll Brother. “I really don’t like it. It is kind of ugly looking.”

“Well Grandma Troll spent hours making it for you,” said Troll Mother. “And, it is cold outside.”

Troll Brother went up to his room. He saw the sweater that his Grandma had made him. It was in his closet, hanging up. Troll Brother stared at the sweater for a few minutes. The more he stared at it, the more he didn’t like it. Troll Brother decided he wasn’t going to wear it so he took it off the hanger and tucked it under his pillow and then threw the blankets on his bed up over the pillow.

“I can’t find my sweater,” Troll Brother called from the top of the stairs.

“That is strange,” said Troll Mother. “I know that I just hung it up in your closet. Did you check in your closet?”

“Yes,” lied Troll Brother. “I did and it isn’t there.”

Troll Mother came up the stairs and looked in Troll Brother’s closet.

“That is strange,” said Troll Mother. “I know I hung it in there.”

Troll Mother turned around and just happened to notice the sleeve of Grandma Troll’s sweater hanging down from the blankets on Troll Brother’s bed.

“You know,” said Troll Mother. “When I was younger, my Grandma Troll made me a sweater. It was actually pretty ugly looking. It had green, red and white patches of colour all over it. I really didn’t like it at all.”

“Really,” said Troll Brother.

“Yes,” said Troll Mother. “Really. However, I knew that Grandma Troll had spent hours of her own time and her own love knitting that sweater for me and because of that, I wore that sweater with pride.”

Troll Mother left the room and Troll Brother sat on his bed thinking about what Troll Mother had just told him. He pulled the sweater out from under his pillow and looked at again.

“I guess it really isn’t all that ugly,” said Troll Brother, putting the sweater on.

Troll Mother just smiled when she saw Troll Brother outside playing, wearing the sweater that Grandma Troll had made for him.


Moral of this Story:

  • Grandma’s don’t make sweaters to embarrass us.
  • Example: Troll Brother wouldn’t wear the sweater Grandma made for him until Mother told him a story about a sweater she had received when she was younger.

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