Graduation Day

”What is going on around here today?” Fawn asked Spot. “Jenny didn’t go to school today and both Mr. and Mrs. Hansen didn’t go to work.”

”Fawn,” said Spot. “Today is Jenny’s graduation.”

”Graduation?” asked Fawn.

“Jenny will not be going to public school next year,” said Spot. “She will be going to high school!”

”Our little Jenny!” exclaimed Fawn.

”Yes,” said Spot. ”Our little Jenny is growing up.”

“I can remember when she was about 7 years old,” said Fawn. “She was so sweet and so kind.”

“She still is,” said Spot.

Jenny came down to the barn in her graduation dress to see Fawn and Spot before she left for her graduation party.

”You look so grown up,” said Fawn.

“You look like a princess,” said Spot.

Jenny certainly did look very grown up in her pretty dress, with her makeup on and her hair all done up.

“I just wanted to see you two before I left,” said Jenny.

”Jenny!” called Mr. Hansen. “Where are you? Your limousine is here! You’d better not be in the barn!”

“I’ll be right there,” said Jenny. ”I had to come and see Fawn and Spot before I left.”

Jenny went outside, blowing kisses to Fawn and Spot on her way to the limousine that was waiting for her.

”We love you, Jenny,” waved Fawn and Spot. ”Congratulations!”

”Thank you,” said Jenny, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye.

“She is definitely grown up,” said Fawn, wiping a tear from his eye, too!

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