Forgetful Fred Forgets the Roses

Forgetful Fred woke up late on Valentine’s Day. In fact, he woke up so late that he didn’t have time to kiss his wife goodbye before leaving for work.

“What is up with him this morning?” thought Forgetful Fred’s wife, Sarah. “He always kisses me before going to work. And, where are my roses for Valentine’s Day? He always gives me roses on Valentine’s Day morning.”

Meanwhile, Forgetful Fred was very stressed out with his job. He had a very important presentation this morning. Forgetful Fred didn’t mean to forget about Sarah’s kiss and her roses. He was just under so much stress.

Oddly enough, his presentation was all about Valentine’s Day and how important Valentine’s Day was to the women in our lives. Part way through the presentation, one of Forgetful Fred’s bosses asked Forgetful Fred what he did for his wife for Valentine’s Day.”

“Well,” said Forgetful Fred. “Umm, ahhh.”

“So,” said his boss. “Here you are giving us this wonderful presentation on Valentine’s Day and yet you haven’t done anything for your own wife.”

“It’s not that I didn’t want to,” said Forgetful Fred. “It is just that I spent the whole weekend working on this presentation and this morning I was running late.”

“Well,” said Forgetful Fred’s boss. “To show our appreciation for all your hard work, we are going to send a limo around to your house to give your wife a day at the spa and then dinner is on us tonight.”

“Oh Forgetful Fred,” cried Sarah while they were waiting for dinner. “This is so nice, much nicer than some silly roses.”

“Well,” said Forgetful Fred, taking a gift-wrapped box from behind him and setting it on the table. Then I guess you won’t want these.”

Sarah cried when she saw the long-stemmed roses in the box.

“Oh Forgetful Fred,” she cried. “This is the best Valentine’s Day yet!”

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