Summer Fun

Fawn wanted go on a vacation this summer. He wanted to have some fun and go fishing in the lake. He wanted to pick some worms but last year he ended up picking some small snakes instead and it made Spot get very angry at him.

“Fawn,” explained Spot, when he approached her about going to the cottage. “You know I’d love to go with you, even after last year’s snake scare. However we have a lot of work to do here.”

“Yes,” said Fawn. “I know about the work. We have to fix the lawn mower so we can cut the grass, pull the weeds and clean the leaves out of the pool.”

“We also have to cut down those trees for Mr. Hansen, too,” said Spot.

“Well,” said Fawn. “It is beginning to look like a lot of work. I think I need to sit down and have a glass of ice and lemonade.”

Just then a pair of owls flew from one of the trees that were in the park beside the farm that Fawn and Spot lived on. Fawn looked up the blue sky and saw clouds forming just to the east. Then the sunshine started to fade and rain came pouring down.

“Looks like we can go to the cottage after all,” said Fawn.

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