Crows are Pests

It was a very bright autumn day. Lonely Scarecrow was sitting on his fence post. His job is to keep crows out of the cornfield.

Normally, Lonely Scarecrow has an easy time of it. However, today he was having a problem. Today, the crows were being pests.

The sun was shining right in Lonely Scarecrow’s eyes. It was so bright that he had to put his arms up to his eyes to shield them. The crows took this gesture as being a personal attack on them. They came over to Lonely Scarecrow and started pecking at the straw hat that he wore.

Lonely Scarecrow flung his arms up into the air. The crows took this as another sign of a personal attack on them.

Lonely Scarecrow was starting to get upset with the crows. He yelled at them to stop and they did, which he was grateful for.

The crows left and Lonely Scarecrow was very happy. However, he still had the sun shining in his eyes. He was scared to move though, in case the crows came back.

Penny, the owner of the farm, saw that Lonely Scarecrow was having problems with the sun being in his eyes, so she brought him a pair of sunglasses. Lonely Scarecrow was very grateful for them. He felt much more comfortable.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always offer someone a pair of sunglasses if they have the sun in their eyes.
  • Example: Lonely Scarecrow had a problem with the crows because they thought when he put his arms over his eyes to shield out the sun that it was a personal attack on them.

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