Falling Leaves

“Good morning Dallas,” said Lonely Scarecrow, as he went to relieve Dallas from his scarecrow duties. “It sure is a beautiful autumn morning.”

“It is,” said Dallas. “Look how beautiful the falling leaves are.”

“Yes,”said Lonely Scarecrow. “They are so colourful and I see that you have gotten over your cold.”

“Yes,”said Dallas. “I did. That mentholatum rub Penny put on my chest sure helped.”

“It might help,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “However, it sure does smell.”

“Yes,” said Dallas. “It does.”

Dallas went to sleep. Lonely Scarecrow sat on his fence post. He watched one by one as the falling leaves floated through the air. One by one they fell to the ground. There were red leaves, orange leaves and yellow leaves.

“So beautiful, “said Lonely Scarecrow.

Lonely Scarecrow watched. Leaf after leaf fell to the ground. Lonely Scarecrow was enjoying watching the leaves but all of a sudden a big gust of wind came along. The leaves blew off the trees and they were swirling around. A few of them fell on Lonely Scarecrow’s head. One fell on Lonely Scarecrow’s nose. Lonely Scarecrow sneezed.

“Are you getting sick?” asked Penny, the owner of the farm.

“No,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “The falling leaves are tickling my nose.”

“Good,” said Penny. “I wouldn’t want to have to get out the mentholatum rub.”

“That stuff smells,” said Lonely Scarecrow.

“Yes it does,” said Penny. “But it works.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Mentholatum rub works for colds.
  • Example: Lonely Scarecrow didn’t want to have a cold because he didn’t like the smell of mentholatum rub.

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