Lil’ Rebel and the Candy Shoppe

“Thank you for my allowance,” said Lil’ Rebel, as her father handed her twenty dollars.

“You are welcome,” said Father. “However, I do not want you to buy candy with it.”

Father was not happy because two weeks ago Lil’ Rebel spent her whole allowance on candy at the new candy store that just opened up.

“I won’t,” said Lil’ Rebel. “I promise.”

Lil’ Rebel went for a walk. She turned the corner and she was standing at the corner of the candy store.

“Be brave,” said Lil’ Rebel to herself as she kept walking. “No matter how good all that candy looks, I can’t buy any.”

Lil’ Rebel kept walking. Soon, she found herself past the door of the candy store. She was very proud of herself, as she kept walking. However, the further she walked, the more she knew she wanted some candy. Lil’ Rebel soon found herself in the candy store.

“I will just buy a couple of things,” said Lil’ Rebel.

Lil’ Rebel picked out a small handful of her favourite candy.

“That will be $3,” said the cashier.

Lil’ Rebel took her small bag of candy home.

“I told you no candy,” said Father, when he saw the bag she had in her hand.

“I know,” said Lil’ Rebel. “I tried. I really did but something made me go inside.”

“How much of your allowance is left?” asked Father.

“Seventeen dollars,” said Lil’ Rebel.

“Oh,” said Father. “So you actually only spent $3 at the candy store.”

“Yes,” said Lil’ Rebel.

“I am very proud of you,” said Father.

“You are?” asked Lil’ Rebel surprised.

“Yes,” said Father. “I am. I know it must have been very difficult for you.”

“It was,” said Lil’ Rebel. “Thank you Father!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is hard to resist candy.
  • Example: Lil’ Rebel tried her hardest to stay away from not buying candy but she couldn’t resist it.
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