An Unfriendly Alien

It was a very warm summer day and Tommy and Sally were playing in a field behind their house. They both looked up into the sky at the exact same time. They saw a bright white light and then they was a huge sliver disc-like object flying through the sky at lightning speed.

“What was that?” asked Sally, who was clearly frightened.

“That was a spaceship,” said Tommy. “Come on, let’s go see if we can find it.”

“I’m scared,” said Sally.

“Don’t be scared,” said Tommy, taking Sally’s hand in his. I will protect you.”

Sally followed Tommy. They walked to the very edge of the field and just over the hill, they saw the spaceship. It had landed but the lights on it were flashing.

“Is anyone in there?” Tommy called out as he ran toward the spaceship.

Sally didn’t want to be alone so she followed Tommy.

“Hello!” shouted Tommy. “Is anyone home?”

The door of the spaceship opened and a green creature came to the entrance.

“What is that?” asked Sally, pointing to the creature. “Is that a monster?”

“Sort of,” said Tommy. “It is actually an alien. He flew in that spaceship from some other planet.”

“An alien!” screamed Sally at the top of her lungs. “Is he going to hurt us?”

“Aliens are mostly friendly,” said Tommy.

“Friendly,” said the alien, angrily. “I am far from friendly. I am the unfriendly alien.”

“Oh,” said Tommy. “Why are you unfriendly?”

“I don’t like people,” said Unfriendly Alien. “And, I especially don’t like little girls who scream.”

“Well,” said Sally. “That isn’t very nice. I only screamed because I was afraid. I have never seen an alien before.”

“You’ve had a good look at me,” said Unfriendly Alien. “So, now you can leave.”

“What if I don’t want to leave,” said Sally, putting her hands on her hips in defiance.

“I will make you leave,” said Unfriendly Alien.

“Sally,” said Tommy. “Don’t be so mean to the alien. You are going to scare him away.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” said Unfriendly Alien. “I have to fix my spaceship. It crashed into a rock. Now you two run along. I’ve got lots of work to do.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” said Sally. “You should just be nice to people here on Earth.”

“What if I don’t want to be nice,” said Unfriendly Alien.

“If you weren’t so unfriendly,” said Sally. “Maybe we could help you.”

“Okay,” said Unfriendly Alien, laughing. “This I have to see. How are you going to help me? My spaceship needs repairing.”

“You don’t know this,” said Tommy. “But I am a huge spaceship fan. I have watched so many shows on what to do to fix a spaceship.”

“Well then,” said Unfriendly Alien. “What are you waiting for? Let’s get this thing fixed.”

“You could at least say please,” said Sally.

“Okay!” exclaimed Unfriendly Alien. “Let’s please get this spaceship fixed.”

“That is better,” said Sally.

Sally and Tommy took a good look at the spaceship. Sally bent down and saw a loose wire that was hanging down from the instrument panel. Unfriendly Alien plugged the wire into the correct spot and then he tried starting the spaceship. It started up right away.”

“Okay,” said Unfriendly Alien. “Off the spaceship. I have to get going.”

“You could say please,” said Sally.

“Please get off the spaceship before I take off,” said Unfriendly Alien.

Sally and Tommy both got off the spaceship. As soon as they were off, the spaceship flew away.

“He never even said goodbye,” said Sally. “He really is very unfriendly.”

“Yes,” said Tommy. “I agree.”

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