A Nasty Christmas Eve

Golden Christmas Goose had just laid a golden egg in a field. It was Christmas Eve and she had just come from visiting her mother. On the Christmas Eve she was hatched, Golden Christmas Goose was rejected from her siblings because of her golden colour. Her mother worried that she was going to starve because her siblings wouldn’t let her eat. Santa Claus came along and Mother had to make a very difficult decision. She let Santa Claus take Golden Christmas Goose to the North Pole to raise her. She would return each Christmas Eve to see her mother.

“Someone will have good luck,” said Golden Christmas Goose, walking away.

Mr. Winter had been outside walking around. He was getting ready to set the winter thermometer for the upcoming holiday season.

“I am in a pretty good mood this Christmas season,” said Mr. Winter, as he walked through a field. “I think I will give everyone in Storyland some good weather for the holidays.”

Mr. Winter set the thermometer and then he started walking home. However, something bright and shiny caught his eye.

“A golden egg!” exclaimed Mr. Winter. “Oh, this is wonderful. I found the golden egg that Golden Christmas Goose laid. I am going to have good luck now!”

Mr. Winter picked up the golden egg and proudly carried it home.

“Oh Mr. Winter! “exclaimed his neighbour to the east of him. “What have you found? It looks like you have found the golden egg. Do you remember that time I loaned you $20?”

“Yes,” said Mr. Winter. “I do remember. I also remember paying you back the very next day. I do remember that a week later you borrowed my brand new snow shovel, which I have never seen again.”

“I see,” said the neighbour, knowing he wasn’t going to get anywhere with Mr. Winter. “Well, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Mr. Winter got the exact same response from his neighbours to the west, north and south. He was very annoyed by them.

“What is with these people!” cried Mr. Winter, angrily. “They know I have money now so they all want a piece of it. They are going to make me go change the thermometer. I will show them.”

Mr. Winter clutched the golden egg tightly and was going to head back to the thermometer when he saw a jolly old man in a red suit and a long white beard approach him.

“Santa Claus!” exclaimed Mr. Winter. “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be out delivering gifts.”

“I’m not the real Santa,” said the man. “I am Santa’s helper. Santa sent me to stop you from making a huge mistake.”

“What mistake?” asked Mr. Winter. “Did you not see the way my neighbours reacted when they found out I have the golden egg?”

“Yes,” said Santa’s helper. “I did. However, do you realize you really do owe your neighbours money? You borrowed money from each one of them several times and never paid any of them back. The only reason you paid the $20 to your east neighbour was because he told you he would never lend you money again if you didn’t.”

“Oh,” said Mr. Winter, sheepishly.

“Do you realize you are holding millions of dollars in your hand with that golden egg?” asked Santa’s helper. “All of your neighbours do just want what is rightfully theirs?”

Mr. Winter thought long and hard about what Santa’s helper had said to him. He knew deep down that Santa’s helper was right and he felt horrible about how he treated his neighbours.

“I am going to make it up to them,” said Mr. Winter, after Santa’s helper had left.

Mr. Winter went around to all of his neighbours and gave them all a $1000 bill for Christmas. As an added bonus, he left the thermostat where it was but, he did set it to snow for Christmas Day.

“That actually felt good, “said Mr. Winter, to himself. “I think I will do that more often!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to be generous to your neighbours.
  • Example: Mr. Winter found out he really did owe money to his neighbours. He gave them all a nice Christmas surprise.

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