Bad Teeth Bradley Hides from his Dentist

Bad Teeth Bradley was trick-or-treating on Halloween night. He was collecting a lot of candy but he was eating just as much candy as he was getting.

“I hope I don’t see my dentist, Dr. Stevens, said Bad Teeth Bradley, popping one piece of candy in his mouth after another. “If he sees me eating all this candy, I will be in so much trouble.”

Dr. Stevens seems to always find Bad Teeth Bradley especially when he is eating candy. When he does see him, he always takes Bad Teeth Bradley’s candy away from him and then he takes him to his office to fix his teeth.

Dr. Stevens cares about Bad Teeth Bradley. He has done so much work on his teeth and there is still so much more work to do. There is so much work to do that Dr. Stevens gives Bad Teeth Bradley 100 dentist appointments at a time.

Bad Teeth Bradley was walking down the walkway of a house he had just trick-or-treated at, when he saw Dr. Stevens across the street.

“Oh dear,” said Bad Teeth Bradley to himself. “I see Dr. Stevens. I have to hide.”

Bad Teeth Bradley saw a tree close by. He hid behind the tree and waited until Dr. Stevens walked away.

“Oh good,” said Bad Teeth Bradley. He is gone. Now, I can continue trick-or-treating.”

Bad Teeth Bradley continued trick-or-treating. He went from house to house getting handful after handful of candy. He was having a lot of fun and more important to him, he was able to eat a lot of candy. However, pretty soon, he started to feel a dull pain in his upper left tooth. He ignored it, hoping it would go away, but pretty soon the pain became excruciating.

Bad Teeth Bradley was soon screaming in pain. He had no choice but to call Dr. Stevens.

“I will be right there,” said Dr. Stevens, who was only a block away so he was able to get to Bad Teeth Bradley very quickly.

He took Bad Teeth Bradley to his office and he filled a cavity for him.

“Thank you,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

“You are welcome,” said Dr. Stevens handing him a printout of his next 100 dentist appointments.

Bad Teeth Bradley didn’t wait for Dr. Stevens to take his half-full bag of candy away from him. He went over to the garbage bin and dumped it out himself.


Moral of this Story:

  • You can’t hide from your dentist.
  • Example: Bad Teeth Bradley hid from his dentist but then he got a tooth ache and he had to call his dentist to fix it.
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