Tiki Bug and the Smile Dance

Five year old, Stephanie was going to her dance lessons when she saw her friend, Tiki Bug on the sidewalk beside her.

“Tiki Bug!” exclaimed Stephanie, bending over to pick her up. “What are you doing out on a cold autumn night?”

“Who are you talking to?” asked Stephanie’s Mother.

“It is Tiki Bug,” said Stephanie. “Remember she helped me when I scraped my knee the other day.”

“Oh yes,” said Mother. “I remember.”

“So Tiki Bug,” said Stephanie. “Why are you here?”

“I am here to help you smile,” said Tiki Bug.

“I am smiling right now,” said Stephanie. “Mommy and I are walking to my dance lessons. I love dancing.”

Stephanie took a couple of steps ahead of her mother and she started dancing on the sidewalk.

“See Tiki Bug,” said Stephanie. “This is how I …”

Tiki Bug felt herself flying through the air and then she heard Stephanie scream. She had tripped on a stone on the sidewalk and hurt her leg.

“How can I dance now?” Stephanie cried in pain.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Mother, trying to help Stephanie up from the sidewalk.

“Ouch!” cried Stephanie.

“You are a good dancer,” said Tiki Bug, trying to console Stephanie.

“Thank you,” said Stephanie. “I love dancing.”

“I love dancing too,” said Tiki Bug.

Mother knew that Tiki Bug was trying to distract Stephanie from the pain she was in. She took this opportunity to go get the car so she could take Stephanie to the hospital.

“Show me your dance,” said Stephanie, through her tears.

Tiki Bug started to dance. She moved her two front legs first then the middle ones and then the two back ones. She had six legs, which she ended up getting all tangled up. She ended up on her back. She quickly spun around and then rocked herself from side to side until she was upright again.

Tiki Bug noticed that Stephanie was smiling. She was so happy that she got her to smile.

“What kind of dance was that?” asked Stephanie.

“It is my smile dance,” said Tiki Bug. “I created it just for you.”

“Well,” said Mother, who had returned with the car. “It looks like your dance worked. Stephanie is smiling. Thank you, Tiki Bug.”

“You are welcome,” said Tiki Bug, watching Mother put Stephanie in the car.

“Bye Tiki Bug,” waved Stephanie as Mother drove her to the hospital.

“Bye Stephanie,” said Tiki Bug, flying away.

At the hospital, Stephanie saw the emergency room doctor and her leg was going to be just fine.

“She will be able to dance again in no time at all,” said the doctor.

Stephanie was very happy to hear that.

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