Franny Granny’s Special Valentine’s Day Date

“Daniel,” said his sister, Tracey. “You are all dressed up. You look very handsome. Where are you going?” “It is Valentine’s Day,” said Daniel. “I have a date.” “You do?” asked Tracey, surprised. “Who with?” “I am taking Franny Granny to dinner,” said Daniel. “Oh,” said Tracey. “That is so sweet. Franny Granny is going […] Read More

Arrow and Cutie’s Valentine’s Day

Arrow woke up early on Valentine’s Day morning. He stretched and yawned and then sauntered over to where his sister, cutie, was sleeping. He watched her for a moment and he thought how beautiful she was when she was sleeping. Then he went over to her and kissed her on her forehead. “Oh oh!” exclaimed […] Read More

Happy Heart at the Bakery

Happy Heart knew it was Valentine’s Day. She had to get to Storyland so she could spread her love and happiness to everyone. Once at Storyland, Happy Heart saw a bakery. She sensed that someone was unhappy inside the bakery. “Can I please have ten loaves of bread and two blueberry pies?” asked a customer. […] Read More

Jen-Jen and an Early Spring

“Today is Groundhog Day,” said Jen-Jen as she looked at her calendar. “It would be really nice if we had an early spring.” Jen-Jen put her winter coat and winter boots on. She went outside and saw that it had been snowing. It was also very cold. “My garden is covered in snow,” said Jen-Jen. […] Read More

Mountain Kid’s Winter Paradise

Mountain Kid woke up one bright winter day. He saw that there was a fresh layer of snow on the ground. “It looks so beautiful outside,” said Mountain Kid, putting his jacket and boots on. “It looks clean and fresh with all that pure white snow.” Mountain Kid opened his front door and stood on […] Read More

Mr. Iceman’s Icy Wonder

Mr. Iceman’s Icy Wonder … Mr. Iceman woke up one cold winter morning. He smiled to himself when he looked outside and saw a foot of snow. He knew it was finally winter. “I am so happy,” said Mr. Iceman to himself as he got out of bed and got dressed. “I love winter and […] Read More

Gum Drop Family’s Christmas

“Let’s decorate our Christmas tree,” said Mommy Gum Drop. “Why?” asked Uncle Sour Gum Drop. “Why would we want to do that?” “Uncle Sour,” said Baby Gum Drop. “Don’t be so grumpy. It is fun decorating the Christmas tree. Look at all the colourful decorations.” “But,” said Uncle Sour. “It is just so much work. […] Read More