Easter Surprise

Billy Troll strummed his guitar, while sitting in the kitchen. He just happened to look up at the calendar.
“Oh no!” exclaimed Billy. “Easter is coming up soon. I have to work on my Easter song.”
Billy went into his studio and went to get the sheet music that he used to write down the lyrics and music composition for his Easter song. Billy looked everywhere for it but he could not find it anywhere. He was just about to ask his wife if she had seen it, when he noticed it was sitting on his desk.
“That is funny,” said Billy. “I know I didn’t leave it there. Oh well, maybe Dianne moved it when she was cleaning up.”
Billy took the sheet music to the kitchen with him. He picked up his guitar and started playing his Easter song.
“Easter time has come again,” Billy sang. “Easter brings with it happiness and joy.”
Billy kept singing and then he came to the chorus. He sang the first line and then he stopped. He was very confused at what he saw on the sheet music. The lyrics and music were there for the whole song. Billy knew he hadn’t finished that song.
“Hey sweetheart,” said Billy. “Did you happen to do anything with my new Easter song?”
“No,” said Dianne. “I didn’t touch it. Why?”
“Well,” said Billy, not sure how to explain what happened. “I still had some work to do on it and yet the song is now complete.”
Dianne just shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t know what to think. Billy did like the rest of the song. It was something that he felt he would have written himself.
Easter came and Billy thought he would play his new song. After the concert was over, Billy had a special guest waiting for him. Billy was surprised to see the Easter Bunny waiting for him.
“Happy Easter,” said the Easter Bunny.
“Happy Easter to you too,” said Billy. “What brings you to my dressing room?”
“Your new song does,” said the Easter Bunny.
“You liked it?” asked Billy.
“Why of course I liked it,” said the Easter Bunny, laughing. “I wrote half of it.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes we have to believe in the unbelievable.
  • Example: Billy Troll never would have thought that the Easter Bunny wrote the rest of his new Easter song.
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