Travelin’ Rick and his sidekick, Baby Patrick, were spending the afternoon together. They had just gotten back from an adventure and were just getting ready to start another one.

“Let’s go for a drive,” said Travelin’ Rick to Baby Patrick. “I want to show you some of the countryside here.”

Baby Patrick was all excited. He loved the mountains and the wildlife that British Columbia has to offer. Baby Patrick lives in Ontario, Canada. So, British Columbia is very different for him and he likes to explore every bit of it as much as he can.

Travelin’ Rick took Baby Patrick to Paul Lake Provincial Park. Paul Lake Provincial Park is located just outside of Kamloops, BC, which is where Travelin’ Rick lives. Paul Lake Provincial Park is a campground run by the province of British Columbia. Paul Lake Provincial Park is nestled in the mountains and is fronted on Paul Lake.

Travelin’ Rick and Baby Patrick parked the car by the lake and walked down to the sandy beach. Baby Patrick looked out into the water and he saw a lone duck swimming in the lake. He had never seen a duck like this one before.

“Travelin’ Rick,” said Baby Patrick, pointing to the duck in the lake. “Do you know what kind of duck that is?”

“No,” said Travelin’ Rick, puzzled. “I have never seen that kind of duck before.”

Baby Patrick thought it might be some kind of wood duck but wasn’t sure. The duck just sat in the water for the longest time and there were no other ducks around it. Usually ducks will stay in flocks or at least in a pair but not this one.

Baby Patrick and Travelin’ Rick both stayed for a bit and watched the duck swimming in the lake. They found it very interesting but also very relaxing too. About an hour later, they both got up and took a walk around the park. Baby Patrick loved what they saw. He loved the lake, which was nestled between two mountains, one on either side.

“This is really nice,” said Baby Patrick. “A very, very nice park.”

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