Summer Sun and Matilda’s Spell

Summer Sun decided that she wanted to have a nice warm summer day. She turned up the thermostat and smiled as she watched the temperature rise. She watched as people came out of their dwellings and enjoyed the warm weather.

Summer Sun was happy. She liked it when everyone was happy and enjoying themselves.

Summer Sun decided she would go to the park. Once at the park, Summer Sun saw her best friend, Angela Ant. She walked over to talk to her.

“Hi Angela,” said Summer Sun.” I hope you are enjoying the warm summer weather.”

“Yes I am,” said Angela. “Thank you for making it warm today.”

“You are welcome,” said Summer Sun.

Summer Sun noticed that Matilda, the wicked witch, was watching them. She saw the expression on Matilda’s face. She saw that Matilda looked like she was jealous. She tried to shield Angela from seeing Matilda but all of a sudden Angela announced that she had to go talk to Matilda. Summer Sun noticed Matilda was smiling.

“Angela please don’t talk to Matilda,” said Summer Sun. “I don’t want to see you get into any trouble today.”

“I have to,” said Angela, walking toward Matilda.

Summer Sun knew something was up because Angela usually always listened to her.

“I think Matilda put a spell on Angela,” thought Summer Sun.

“I have to get Matilda to reverse the spell and I know just how to do it.”

Summer Sun walked right over to where Angela and Matilda were standing.

“Please reverse the spell you put on Angela,” demanded Summer Sun.

“What spell?” asked Angela.

“What are you going to do if I don’t?” asked Matilda.

“Well,” said Summer Sun. “I have the power to turn this warm summer day into the coldest day ever?”

“You wouldn’t,” said Matilda.

“Try me,” said Summer Sun.

“Oh fine,” said Matilda, seeing that Summer Sun was serious.

Within seconds, Matilda reversed the spell on Angela.

“Come on Angela,” said Summer Sun.

Angela followed Summer Sun. Summer Sun was happy once again.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to be happy.
  • Example: Summer Sun was happy once Matilda reversed the spell she had put on Angela Ant.
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