Canada Moose and the Cowardly Cougar

Cee Cee Cougar was very happy that Prickly Porcupine and especially Canada Moose were her friends. There was a reason she wanted to be friends with Canada Moose but she was too embarrassed to tell anyone. Cee Cee is a coward.

“Let’s go have some fun in the forest today,” said Canada Moose. “It is such a warm summer day. I feel like running and I want to chase something.”

“I do too,” said Prickly Porcupine. “There is a rabbit off to the south. We could go chase her.”

“I don’t think that would be such a good idea,” said Cee Cee.

“It would be fun,” said Canada Moose.

“What about the poor rabbit?” asked Cee Cee. “I don’t think it would be fun for her.”

“Wait a minute,” said Prickly. “Something isn’t right here. You are a cougar. Cougars love chasing things, especially rabbits.”

“That is right,” said Canada Moose. “How come you don’t want to chase that rabbit and more importantly, how come you wanted to be friends with Prickly and I in the first place? I did find that odd since any cougar that I have ever known loves to be by themselves.”

“Okay,” said Cee Cee. “I will tell you why. I am a coward.”

“A coward!” laughed Prickly. “I don’t believe that for one second. Cougars are tough. They aren’t cowards. They have big sharp claws and even bigger sharp teeth.”

Prickly went over to Cee Cee. He grabbed one of her paws and showed her claws. They were indeed big and sharp. Prickly then pulled Cee Cee’s upper lip to show her sharp teeth, but there weren’t any teeth, just gums.

“Oh dear,” said Prickly, pulling the lip back down. “I am sorry. I had no idea.”

“I didn’t want anyone to know,” said Cee Cee. “That is the reason I am a coward. Please don’t say anything to anyone.”

“Your secret is safe with us,” said Canada Moose.

“The reason I wanted to be your friend,” said Cee Cee. “Is because you are so big and powerful. I figured if I am around you, nobody would notice I am a coward. I will understand if you don’t want to be my friend now.”

“It is okay,” said Canada Moose. “I will still be your friend.”

“So will I,” said Prickly.

“Good,” said Cee Cee. “I am glad.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is okay to admit if you are afraid.
  • Example: Cee Cee Cougar admitted to her new friends, Canada Moose and Prickly Porcupine that she was a coward.

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