Angry Cat is Angry about Autumn

“I am so angry today,” said Angry Cat looking out the kitchen window.

“Why are you so angry?” asked his sister, Harriet. “It is a beautiful autumn day outside.”

“That is the reason I am so angry,” said Angry Cat.

“I don’t understand,” said Harriet. “Why would being a beautiful day make you angry?”

Harriet loved her brother but at times, she just couldn’t understand his way of thinking.

“The reason I am so angry is because winter will be here soon,” said Angry Cat.

“Yes true,” said Harriet. “But winter is a few weeks away yet. “You should enjoy the nice weather while it is here. There are a lot of nice things about autumn.”

“But it is going to get cold and nasty soon,” said Angry Cat. “I don’t want winter to come.”

“There are a lot of people that don’t want winter to come,” said Harriet. “I don’t want it to come either.”

“You don’t?” asked Angry Cat.

“No,” said Harriet. “I don’t. However, I am not going to waste what is left of the autumn season. There are pretty coloured trees out there. There are lots of leaves to jump in. There is pumpkin pie to eat and there are two of our favourite holidays to enjoy, Thanksgiving and Halloween.”

Angry Cat thought about what Harriet had just said. He had to admit that he did like all of those things that she had just mentioned.

“You are right,” said Angry Cat. “I do like all those things as well and I shouldn’t waste another second dreading winter. Instead, I should enjoy the rest of the autumn season.”

“Good plan,” said Harriet.

“Now,” said Angry Cat. “Where can we find some of that pumpkin pie that you mentioned?”


Moral of this Story:

    • We shouldn’t spend our time dreading winter.
    • Example: Angry Cat dreaded winter but his sister, Harriet, told him that he shouldn’t waste time dreading it because there was nothing they could do to stop it.
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