Meet Thankful Thomas

Welcome to the Meet Thankful Thomas page. Thankful Thomas is a brand new Storyland character. He is a Thanksgiving character. Thankful Thomas lives in Montreal, Quebec. He is very polite and he tips his hat to everyone he sees. He is very friendly. Thankful Thomas is also very thankful for everything he has and for […] Read More

Thankful Thomas on Thanksgiving Day

Thankful Thomas and his wife, Dorothy, worked together to put their Thanksgiving turkey in the oven. “Our house smells amazing,” said Thankful Thomas. “It sure does,” said Dorothy. “And it is a beautiful autumn day.” Thankful Thomas and Dorothy stood in their kitchen, looking out the window at the beautiful colour of the autumn leaves. […] Read More

Thankful for Travelin’ Rick

I am thankful for Travelin’ Rick. He is a very important character to me because I created Travelin’ Rick for two reasons. The first reason is, I based him on my son whom I love very much. The second reason I created Travelin’ Rick is because of my love of traveling. I have been very […] Read More

Thankful for Racum Raccoon

I am thankful for Racum Raccoon. He was one of the very first characters I ever created. Without him, I probably wouldn’t be the writer I am today. I created Racum Raccoon when my two children were very young. I couldn’t afford to buy books for my children and we lived in the country at […] Read More

Thankful for Jen-Jen

My character Jen-Jen is based on a very important person in my life, my daughter, Jen-Jen. For this Thanksgiving, I am very thankful for Jen-Jen, both my daughter and my character. With my character, Jen-Jen, I enjoy writing stories about her. She loves to be outdoors and especially loves spending time in her garden. Jen-Jen’s […] Read More

Pirate Pete is Thankful for his Ship

“Come on men!” yelled Pirate Pete. “You are cleaning the deck like a bunch of young boys. Get the lead out and let’s see some elbow grease.” “Yes sir!” said Slappy, applying as much pressure as he could muster. “We will get this ship in tip-top shape,” said Rusty. “Good to hear,” said Pirate Pete. […] Read More