Thanksgiving Thanks

“It is Thanksgiving weekend,” said Thankful Thomas to his wife, Dorothy. “Let me take you dancing.”

“0h Thankful Thomas,” cried Dorothy, happily. “That would be wonderful but, aren’t we getting too old for dancing.”

“As long as we have our health,” said Thankful Thomas. “We are never too old for anything.”

Thankful Thomas and his wife, Dorothy are both 79 years old. Neither one of them have had any serious medical issues. They are both very active and healthy.

“I suppose that is true,” said Dorothy. “Let’s go dancing.”

Thankful Thomas and Dorothy were having a wonderful time on the dance floor. They even ran into their friends, George and Helene.

“It is so nice to see you and Dorothy again,” said George, twirling Helene around on the dance floor.

“It has been awhile,” said Thankful Thomas.

°Much too long,” said Helene. “Poor George has been quite ill this past year.”

“We are very sorry to hear that,” said Dorothy.

Thankful Thomas and Dorothy were both concerned for George but, they were both thankful that he was able to dance with Helene. They were also very thankful that they were able to get out and go dancing as well.

“We are lucky we have our health at our age,” said Thankful Thomas.

“Yes,” said Dorothy. “We are. I am very thankful for that.”

“I am as well,” said Thankful Thomas.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be thankful you have good health.
  • Example: Thankful Thomas and Dorothy were thankful they had good health after seeing their friend, George who had been quite ill the past year.

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