Slow-Poke’s Easter

“Oh dear,” said Mother, seeing her son sleeping soundly in his bed. “Slow-Poke, wake up!”

“I want to sleep,” said Slow-Poke. “Leave me alone. I’m tired.”

“But Slow-Poke,” said Mother. “It is Easter morning. All the farm animals are already outside searching for their Easter eggs.”

“Oh no!” exclaimed Slow-Poke, rolling over slowly to find his slippers. “I’m not going to get anything for Easter now!”

Slow-Poke sat on the edge of his bed, tears streaming down his face.

“Come on Slow-Poke,” said Mother, comforting her son. “If you hurry up, I’ll show you where there are some Easter eggs that no-one knows about.”

“But how do you know where they are?” asked Slow-Poke, wiping the tears on the sleeve of his pajamas.

“Because I saw Easter Bunny last night just after you went to bed,” said Mother.

Slow-Poke grabbed his spring jacket from his closet and ran out of the house as fast as he could. He was so excited that he had forgotten to ask Mother where the Easter eggs were that she knew about it. However, once Slow-Poke had gotten outside, he immediately found a couple of Easter eggs hidden behind a big oak tree.

“Oh dear,” said Mother, when Slow-Poke came back inside about an hour later, arms filled with Easter eggs and candy. “How come you got so many treats?”

“Well,” said Slow-Poke. “I actually found a couple of Easter eggs myself, when I first went outside, but that was all I found. All the animals felt sorry for me, so some of them gave me some of theirs.”

“Well,” said Mother. “I hope you said thank you.”

“Yes,” said Slow-Poke, happily. “I did!”

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