Jen-Jen and an Early Spring

“Today is Groundhog Day,” said Jen-Jen as she looked at her calendar. “It would be really nice if we had an early spring.” Jen-Jen put her winter coat and winter boots on. She went outside and saw that it had been snowing. It was also very cold. “My garden is covered in snow,” said Jen-Jen. […] Read More

Neon Cop’s Winter Investigation

Neon Cop’s Winter Investigation … Suzie was cooking dinner. She was making Jenny and Rick’s favourite winter dish, beef stew. “I wonder where Jenny is,” thought Suzie, while she cut up the potatoes and put them in the pot. “She should have been home an hour ago.” Suzie looked outside. She could see it was […] Read More

Mr. Iceman and the Iciest Winter Ever

“Look at all the ice outside,” said Mr. Iceman to himself as he looked out his kitchen window. “Where did it all come from? I didn’t create it.” Mr. Iceman went outside. He saw his neighbour, Warren. “What did you do?” asked Warren. “The whole city of Calgary is at a standstill. I hope you […] Read More

Mr. Iceman and the Ice Sculpture Contest

Mr. Iceman and the Ice Sculpture Contest … “I need to make more ice,” said Mr. Iceman. “I need to make more ice sculptures.” “I heard there is an ice sculpture contest,” said Warren, Mr. Iceman’s neighbour. “That sounds like fun,” said Mr. Iceman. “I would like to enter.” “I thought you might,” said Warren. […] Read More

Snow Fairy is Lost in the Snow

Lost in the Snow … It was a nice winter day outside. Snow Fairy saw the sun shining when she looked out her kitchen window. She was very happy because for the past few weeks, it had been very cold. “I think I should surprise my friend, Rambler Rabbit. “I think I will go visit […] Read More

Snow Fairy Finds Warmth

Finds Warmth … “This winter has been so cold,” said Snow Fairy to herself as she went outside to collect her mail. “I do hope it warms up soon.” Snow Fairy is not the type to complain. She is sweet and innocent. However, Snow Fairy was correct, it has been a very cold winter so […] Read More

Jen-Jen’s Christmas Flower Miracle

“Christmas is only a few days away,” said Jen-Jen, looking out her kitchen window. “I love Christmas!” Jen-Jen grabbed her coat and went outside. She saw that fresh snow had fallen. It looked beautiful outside. She walked around her yard and then she saw that her Christmas flower had bloomed and it was the prettiest […] Read More

Hillbilly Bob’s Christmas Dream

“Perhaps you should take the day off work,” said Hillbilly Bob’s mother when she saw how sick he looked. “You don’t look well at all. There has been a nasty flu bug going around.” “Thanks Mother,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I just might have to do that. I really am not feeling good at all.” Hillbilly […] Read More