Travelin’ Rick and the Christmas Eve Snowstorm

“It looks like I will be stuck at the airport for a few hours,” said Travelin’ Rick to his mother on the phone, as he looked out the window at the snowstorm that had just rolled in. “Not exactly how I wanted to spend my Christmas Eve.”

Travelin’ Rick walked around the airport for about an hour or so. He saw the snow piling up high outside. He saw airplanes just sitting, waiting for the storm to clear. He saw airport crew members running back and forth waiting for the go ahead to load the planes with luggage, parcels and then passengers. He saw people inside the airport aggravated and annoyed. They wanted to get home for Christmas.

Travelin’ Rick saw a bench in a quiet and secluded part of the airport. He sat on the bench, took out his tablet and started writing an article about his adventures on Christmas Eve in the airport. He was so busy typing that he didn’t see a young couple with a little boy sitting down at the far end of the bench.

“Phillip,” said the mother. “It doesn’t look like we are going to get to see Grandma until sometime tomorrow. It is snowing pretty badly out there.”

“I suppose there is nothing we can do about the snow,” said Phillip. “I do hope Grandma understands.”

“She does,” reassured Phillip’s Father. “I did just talk to her on the phone.”

“Good,” said Phillip.

Phillip walked over to where Travelin’ Rick was busy typing.

“You are Travelin’ Rick, aren’t you?” asked Phillip. “Mother and Father read me your adventures all the time. Does your Grandma understand about the snow storm?”

“Yes,” said Travelin’ Rick smiling as he peered over the top of his tablet and saw Phillip’s bright brown eyes staring at him. “I am Travelin’ Rick. I am happy to hear that your Mother and Father read my adventures to you and it is actually my mother I am going to visit for Christmas, but, yes, she does understand.”

“Now Phillip,” said Phillip’s Mother. “Travelin’ Rick is obviously busy. Leave him to his work.”

“Fine,” said Phillip, walking back to the other end of the bench, where his parents were.

“I’m okay with Phillip talking to me,” said Travelin’ Rick. “He really wasn’t bothering me.”

“He can be a little chatterbox,” said Phillip’s Father.

“I’m hungry,” said Phillip, a few minutes later.

“You just finished eating,” said Father. “Come sit down.”

“But it wasn’t enough,” said Phillip. “I am still hungry.”

“You know we are on a tight budget,” whispered Phillip’s Mother. “The food in this airport is much too expensive.”

Travelin’ Rick overheard the conversation. He put his tablet away and went to one of the restaurants. He ordered some food and he offered it to Phillip’s parents.

“We are fine, ” said Phillip’s Father. “We do appreciate your offer very much though.”

“You aren’t going to refuse food from Santa Claus,” said Travelin’ Rick. “He told me to make sure this gets to Phillip.”

“Well,” said Phillip’s Father. “In that case we accept it.”

“Thank you,” said Phillip’s Mother. “We do appreciate this very much.”

“It was my pleasure,” said Travelin’ Rick. “Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas!” cried Phillip giving Travelin’ Rick a hug.

“Merry Christmas to you and your family,” said Travelin’ Rick.

“It looks like the snow has stopped,” said Phillip, pointing out the window. “Did Grandma talk with Santa and tell him to stop the snow so we could see her?”

“I do believe she did,” said Travelin’ Rick.

“Looks like this is going to be a good Christmas after all,” said Philip.

“It sure does,” said Travelin’ Rick.

Moral of this Story:

    • Things always have a way of working out.
    • Example: Travelin’ Rick was stranded at an airport on Christmas Eve but it turned out to be a good Christmas after all.
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